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26 Oct 2021
Reinvent Diwali Celebration with the Vedha Collection by Kalyan Jewellers

Reinvent Diwali Celebration With The vedha Collection By Kalyan Jewellers

Diwali, the much-anticipated festival of lights, rangolis and joy, calls for dressing up and looking gorgeous. Diwali brings with it camaraderie, wealth, and unparalleled delight. A festival celebrated with the utmost grandeur. But, if there's one element that can brighten up your outfit as much as the festive lights, it's jewellery.

Dhanteras sets the festive tone for Diwali. Purchasing on the auspicious day of Dhanteras, which falls on the first day of the five-day Diwali festival, opens the door to good fortune and prosperity.

Collecting jewellery is typically perceived as an opportunity to create luxurious future heirlooms and be immersed in their unique tales. It can also be a terrific source of security. But, beyond all, aesthetic and unparalleled beauty is strongly tied to these pieces. The celebration of Diwali spans throughout India. The rituals used to commemorate the festival of light may change with the region, but the joy it offers remains universal. Thus, Diwali fever spreads across India. The celebration of light symbolically removes every sense of gloom and perceived darkness from our lives. Indeed, the significance of Deepawali is immense among all Indian traditions. A celebration for all, this calls for viewing the festival from an inclusive perspective.

The jewellery selected and worn on this celebration can communicate beyond the geographical reins, like this occasion itself unites all. Signature jewellery from different parts of India all has its own and unique aesthetic. So, what better stage to let them sparkle than during the festival of lights? There's something quite fascinating about heirloom jewellery of various regions, each with a unique tale to tell.

The days for this jubilant festivity are numbered, but the pieces of jewellery will last for generations. Every jewel reflects a distinct sentiment, portraying not just an ornamentation, but more profoundly, embracing the essence of being a woman.

Jewellery can accentuate a woman's personality and showcase her best features. A lovely outfit isn't complete unless accentuated with the perfect jewellery pieces.

Antique jewellery with a contemporary touch and articulately handcrafted pieces beyond the regional confines is the core of every collector's treasure.

Apart from the remarkable splendour and polished elegance of modern antique jewellery, something is enchanting about a piece of contemporary jewellery with its roots in history. Festive jewellery can be a perfect fusion of century-old traditions and current jewellery trends.

A few must-haves in the jewellery collection of a woman who delights in harmonizing intricate designs and timeless elegance with contemporary iridescent patterns and hues should include a few pieces from the Vedha Collection by Kalyan Jewellers. Set in Gold, we love these handcrafted heritage jewellery pieces embellished with precious and semi-precious stones. The modern woman believes that less is more and appreciates classic, sleek, yet sophisticated designs.

This Diwali, mix and match antique jewellery pieces from across the country, or perhaps indulge yourself in some delicate yet statement-worthy contemporary creations. This festival, become the jewellery connoisseur you've always aspired to be.

Pamper yourself by amassing the pieces that every woman must own. Create a meticulously handcrafted heirloom jewellery collection representing diverse regions and craftsmanship unique to different parts of India. Pieces such as nath, kaasu mala, mangalsutra, stackable rings, bangles made with uncut diamonds, polki work, minakari or temple jewellery are some of the mandatory pieces in a connoisseur's collection.

Tamil Nādu's traditional jewellery is renowned for its exquisite artistry. It portrays the elegance of rich Indian culture, etched with floral designs and motifs from southern India.

The bold and chunky traditional jewellery set from the temple Jewellery Collection with the array of everlasting jewellery is bound to make you the cynosure of all eyes. In addition, the collection includes antique pieces like a hip belt or oddiyanam, long chains like kaasu malai, maanga malai, or kodi maalai remain forever captivating and the dainty, layered chavadi. Include a pair of Jhimki Maattel in your collection. Jhimki are the long bell-shaped gem-studded earrings, and the maattel is the chain with a hook that keeps the earring in place by keeping them fastened to your hair. Besari and Bullaku, the nose studs and the rings are not for the faint-hearted. Moreover, wearing a Bullaku with an Indo-western outfit can up the fashion ante by several notches.

Maharashtrian jewellery is well-known for its finely carved temple motifs. In addition, traditional jewels are inspired by the state's renowned warriors and monarchs.

Complement your traditional outfit with ornate, stone studded items of jewellery to enhance the depth of your look. With the vintage assortment of intricate jewellery like Gairma Nimah earrings and Damyanti Nimah Bangles, discover the exquisite Maharashtrian necklaces, earrings, and bangles in our jewellery collection.

Polki jewellery exudes a sense of ancestry while remaining eternal. Owning a piece of Polki jewellery is deemed a valuable addition to an Indian woman's collection as it is of the finest and oldest types of traditional jewellery.

Polki jewellery has roots in history and is forever a popular and charming piece to wear. We love the exclusive Polkhi necklace collections in both contemporary (Murvi Anokhi Gold Necklace) and traditional (Karvari Anokhi Gold Necklace) designs, with extraordinary attention to detail.

The diamond is indeed a woman's best friend. It radiates like a cosmic star and is chiselled for a sleek and sophisticated appeal. The diamond solitaire pieces are beautifully minimalistic, and they will never go out of style. However, while diamond solitaire rings remain a timeless classic, the popularity of colourful gemstones are on the rise.

Solitaries like blue sapphire and red spinel are the sure shot way to gift the woman you love. Blue Sapphire attracts abundance, blessings, and gifts. In addition, some say that blue sapphires can protect against negative energies, calm the mind, and strengthen intuition. Red Spinel earrings, with intricate leaf design and flaming hue, perfectly syncs with the festive spirit of Diwali. Spinel, like the majority of crimson red gemstones, is associated with compassion and vitality. Both of these jewels are integral additions under any collector's belt. A timeless piece of jewellery will always add that something extra to your outfit. But, suppose you are looking for something sleek and elegant for celebration essentials. In that case, our catalogue also includes bangles (Yellow Gold Bangle), dainty chains (Itkila Nivara Gold Chain), and charming naths (Dipeshi Mudhra Gold Nath), fit to wear for every occasion and gifting.

There is no doubt that contemporary and handloom jewellery is rich with enchanting pieces. Still, there is nothing like a set of Natural Pearl Jewelry. These, alongside Diamond Cluster Rings, can captivate the heart of any jewellery fanatic who has a passion for heritage and wants her items to represent all of today's jewellery language.

Every Indian awaits and welcomes Deepawali with open arms. Ultimately, the Celebration of Lights is indisputably India's beloved festival. Celebrate this day with great warmth and compassion. As we inch more towards cosmopolitanism, it is essential to remember the diversity of our jewels as well.

This festive season, explore Diwali in a new light as a representation of true Indianness. A culmination that has its unique charm, it is a result of different influences and cultural exchanges. So, borrow from your cultural and social heritage, and experience Diwali in its true spirit. Buy for pleasure, gift them to your loved ones and begin a transverse collection that will last a lifetime. Choose your festive jewellery that speaks of our heritage and inclusivity, and that is also in vogue.

It is this spirit that we celebrate with our premium handcrafted jewellery collection. It is incomplete without a range of elegant jewels from Kalyan Jewellers from around the nation.

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