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27 May 2021
How Millennial Preferences Have Reset Jewellery Trends

How Millenial Preferences Have Reset Jewellery Trends

Millennials are the new bread earners of the current generation. Spread across the prime age group of 25-40 years, they are the pillars of any economy. India is a young nation with a sizable population being millennials. There are several qualities that define a millennial. The attitudes and awareness of today’s millennials are influenced by a variety of things. Being new earners, they like to venture into investments. In such a case, gold is one of the safest and most sought after options for any generation.

Millennials also have good taste in fashion and jewellery, so they can kill two birds with a stone by buying gold jewellery that suit their style, preference and trend. Some of the jewelleries that are now in trend are chains with many links, pearl jewellery, light diamond jewellery, diamond jewellery stained to your favourite colours and so on.

Another common quality in a millennial is minimalistic styling. This is accepted in the lifestyle of many youth today. Naturally the same preference comes while styling jewellery too. They like to own several pieces of jewellery but while accessorising, they prefer a minimalistic approach. Minimalistic designs on gold jewellery like simple tassel diamond earrings, light and fancy rose gold jewellery, simple pearl studs, pearl necklaces, light chains with a fancy pendant etc., are now in trend. They are mixed and matched in a subtle manner that enunciates the manta “Less is More”.

Jewelleries with geometric patterns are another new favourite these days. Be it in studs, drops, diamond earrings, pendants or bracelets, geometric designs are a sought after design as it suits any attire and any look be it a casual day out or a business meeting.

One interesting way of styling these minimalist jewelleries is by stacking them up. From jeans and T-shirt clad women to women in crisp business suits, you can find everyone sporting this look. A line-up of thin chains are stacked on the neck so artfully that it can attract any one’s attention in a flash, despite not being gaudy. This same style can be mimicked with bracelets and bangles as well.

When it comes to bridal trousseau, the millennial quality that shines the most is sustainability. Being handed down from generation to generation, the vintage jewellery has a beautiful dosage of sentiments attached to it. The fashion sense and personality of any bride comes out boldly when she adorns a beautifully colour stained diamond piece be it earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings or necklaces.

Each generation has a revolution in their sense of fashion and preferences. It is best show-cased in their attires and the jewellery they wear.

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