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18 Nov 2021
Be Effortlessly Elegant With Lightweight Picks From Kalyan Jewellers

Be effortlessly elagent with lightweight picks from kalyan jewellers

The idea behind the concept of lightweight jewellery was practicality. It was to create something that you could wear every day instead of a piece of jewellery that stays in your safe. Traditionally, jewellery pieces were heavy, intricately designed pieces that women could wear only during special occasions.

Every Indian woman considers gold to be a symbol of beauty, prosperity and everlasting elegance. In addition, historically, gold is given to young brides as 'Stri Dhan' to keep them financially secured against all odds. In our great epics, historical references, and even in traces from the Indus Valley Civilisation, one can find references of intricately designed and opulent gold jewellery pieces and the impact of the ownership of the metal vis-a-vis power and social class.

Times have changed and so have our lives. Yet, we still cherish the gold jewellery handed down to us by our families. Owning a piece of heirloom jewellery and making it pair beautifully with one's contemporary style gives a sense of perfection.

We like to wear gold every day. That's how the contemporary trend of buying lightweight jewellery gained momentum. Additionally, when gold prices are at an all-time high, the lighter variant of the yellow metal attracts millennial and young investors.

Modern women tirelessly manage both households and careers with equal elan like understated and elegant jewellery complementing their lifestyles. Not only this, lightweight jewellery proves that you don't need to break the bank to stand out at a party with a piece that matches your style. These aren't the only reasons why the trend of lightweight jewellery is here to stay, but they are some of them, and here are some more that make us love lightweight jewellery.

The Ease of Wearing and Carrying Lightweight Jewellery

Our comfort is the first thing we think about when looking for jewellery. For example, have you noticed heavy earrings pulling down your lobes and making them bleed or throb with pain? When you wear a heavy traditional necklace as beautiful as it looks, it can become restrictive if it is a summer afternoon. You want something that matches your crisp cotton outfit.

Why go in for artificial jewellery or settle for silver when you can pick up lightweight bangles, earrings, or necklaces from Kalyan Jewellers?

Wide Variety of Styles of Lightweight Jewellery

Traditional jewellery styles originating in India are varied. They use Indian artistry par excellence. Traditional jewellery like kundan, meenakari, jadau have in lightweight format is quite adaptable. You can find lightweight jewellery of all styles in the base of white gold, platinum. In addition, there are versions in muted gold, rose gold taking inspiration from our rich and cultural heritage.

The Elegance of Lightweight Jewellery

Sometimes traditional, heavy jewellery can overpower an outfit or an occasion. However, you can look elegant in your office wear or movie date with your friends with lightweight jewellery. Lightweight jewellery is perfect for people who like a novelty. In addition, you get the flexibility of creating your own individualistic style. Experiment with stackable rings and dozens of bangles and give it the boho twist.

The Affordability of Lightweight Jewellery

Because these designs use lesser gold than traditional, heavier pieces, they are on the affordable side of the spectrum of jewellery prices. Instead of limiting yourself to buying just one, go for multiple pieces. Why only invest in the usual? Look for a Nath, slightly smaller than the bridal pieces and wear it your boyfriend jeans, and the result is, you are the cynosure of all eyes.

You Can Flaunt More Pieces with Lightweight Jewellery

Let's combine pieces- Gold Necklace weighing 8-10 grams and purity of 22K or Diamond Pendants with Chain. So even for a bride to be, it makes sense to buy and wear four necklaces for the price of one.

Styling Lightweight Jewellery

Look 1:
This look is for those who prefer to wear western attire during the day. For example, you might be wearing jeans or trousers with a shirt or a t-shirt, a casual dress or skirt, or even a formal suit during the day. Again, we suggest layered thin chains or one with a pendant. Look for stones that complement your complexion:

A rose gold chain weighing about 3-4 grams with two or three pendants crafted in colourful stones and diamonds can add both sobriety and a hint of fun to your attire. For earrings we suggest studs. They match the semi-casual vibe of your attire while adding a touch of shine. However, just because studded earrings are smaller doesn't mean their glamour quotient is less.

Look 2:
This look is for people who prefer to wear Indian attire during the day and are connected to our rich, abundant, glamorous heritage. We suggest pairing your salwar suit or even the comfort kurti-with-denim look with a simple bracelet with a modern Indo-western twist and a simple pair of earrings.

You can try a fusion bracelet with contemporary, multi-cultural influences in the design. It comes with a pendant engraved with a beautiful stone that twinkles on your wrist and draws attention to it. But, of course, no look is complete without earrings, and we suggest a pair of small, dangling earrings. These earrings are lightweight but still make a statement and add delicate beauty to your attire. We recommend a pair of earrings Pearl Earrings set in yellow or white gold.

Look 3:
To sparkle at night, reach for material that is rich and soft. You can go for an LBD or a pashmina, and the ultimate effect you desire is scintillating. We would suggest focusing on statement rings and earrings. Brace the dark outdoors by choosing a blue sapphire pendant in platinum.

We suggest earrings like Platinum and Swarovski Earrings. Earrings like this are perfect for you if you have piercings and complement a little black dress like no other. Another suggestion is a hooped earring set in platinum. What makes these hoop earrings unique is that they dazzle you with the sparkle of small diamonds, making you stand out at any party you wear them to.

Legend has it that the light reflecting off a statement ring when someone enters a room announces their arrival. Statement rings are also trendy. Some enjoy wearing statement rings on every finger, but one or two of them on each hand would work as well.

Look 4:
This last look is for those who love to wear sarees, lehengas, and extravagant salwar suits to occasions such as parties or even weddings and festivals. But, again, keeping your necklace on the simple side, we suggest wearing a pair of beautiful chandelier earrings, which are light enough not to weigh your ears down. Yet, they are incredibly stylish and elegant, adding glamour to your traditional ensemble. The beauty of the chandelier earrings is that they make your neck and jaw line looks more defined, giving you a stately and regal look.

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