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How to be a classy girl

They say a woman with class is timeless! There have been countless instances where the world stood awestruck at the stunning sight of Princess Diana. As much as we all love to believe that appearances do not matter, it looks like they do! The average human mind subconsciously judges a person by the energy they exude and their posture, even before they speak or introduce themselves. Your demeanour has everything to do with how others perceive you, and that indeed decides the respect they choose to give you. This is where being classy is important, "class" gives you a certain upper hand wherever you go. It sways the crowd to opine highly of you even before you open your mouth.

Your class speaks before you do, so be careful that it makes the right statement. "Class" is not about how pretty you are, it is instead a culmination of a lot of factors like the way you dress, your etiquettes, and even the way you speak. It is a statement of your confidence and a graceful display of your style. "Class" is stating who you are, but without words. It is branding yourself, but without advertisements. When certain factors about you are modulated with some care, together they strike a unique note that influences people's opinion of you. So, now the question is, how to be classy? That is indeed the question!

As we begin, there is one thing we should know – all elegance is created. But let us be realistic here, it is not that easy. But so is everything hard until you master it! Even the idols you believe that are naturally graceful, be it the gorgeous Natalie Portman or the arresting Keira Knightley, they have all taken their time and training to get there. Elegance is an art to be perfected. It is indeed a tricky one, but there are a few basic tricks that help us all catapult from clumsy to classy.

Even though this is a vast topic that merits discussion in volumes, there are a few fundamentals that cannot be overlooked at any cost. For the ease of understanding, I have classified them into three categories– dressing, jewellery, and etiquettes.

classy girl dressing
Dressing The unavoidable part that decides a major chunk of your appearance is your clothes. It is the first thing that imprints in the mind of the person who looks at you, along with their idea of you. Modesty is the key to elegant dressing. The first rule of classy is that do not dress flashy. The idea is not to be the most obvious person in the room, but to be the most respectable one. We remember Audrey Hepburn as the epitome of class when she wore her famous Givenchy dress to receive the 1954 Academy Awards. Simple and elegant, she attracted the world’s eyes. Secondly, do not ever follow trends.

Fashion is something that keeps changing. Although it is essential that you do not dress outdated, style is a constant compared to the variable that fashion is. Know your body type and identify what makes you look good. Choose colours that both suit your skin tone and also the occasion. You can build on your wardrobe and experiment with your style, but as long as you get these basics right, they would work the same wonder a good foundation would do for your makeup!

classy girl jewellery
Jewellery A dress is inevitable; you have to necessarily pick it. But jewellery is a choice. So, should you choose it or not? The answer again is yes. Without a complementing piece of jewellery, even the prettiest of dresses may look incomplete. The key here is to choose wisely because not all jewellery would do the job. Our aim is to find lean, slender, beautiful and classy jewellery that accentuates your beauty. You can choose from an assortment of metals, but my advice would be to stick to gold or platinum.
classy girl jewellery

Though most of what is available in the market are bulky and obvious, a few jewellers have started testing new designs in gold, platinum and diamond – the holy trinity of jewellery. Not all of us can afford Queen Mary’s famous Diamond Riviere (that costs a whopping $1,828,224), but we can afford to pick a thin platinum chain or a diamond stud that exudes class. As the famous lines in Marilyn Munroe’s iconic song go, "Men grow cold as girls go old, and we all lose our charms in the end, but square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks don’t lose their shape.” Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friends! When paired with gold or platinum, they attract the right kind of attention to you. When you have them, they are the only embellishments you will need to up your class game.

classy girl etiquettes
Etiquettes Etiquettes and postures are as important as the dress you choose and the jewellery you wear because if you slouch and slump, even Jimmy Choo shoes and a Dior gown cannot help you. The way you communicate matters as well. For example, saying “yes, please”, or “no, thank you” instead of a plain “yes” or “no” can make a big difference in the way you are perceived. Always be polite, even when you do not want to be because courtesy never goes out of style. Be a good listener and a gracious host. Always remember that classy does not mean bossy.

Value another’s time and still keep a dignified distance from the crowd. Above all, remember that nothing says class as much as confidence. In the end, there are no written rules for elegance, but the world will always slow down to make way for a well-dressed woman who exudes class and confidence. So, step out and slay it, girl!

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