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Diamond Necklace Types

Diamond Necklace Types to help you steal the spotlight

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Unlike other coloured stones and crystals, the supreme brilliance of a diamond makes it unique and a must have for the ladies! Did you know that diamonds come in different colours? We are all too familiar with the white diamond, but the most exotic ones are pink, yellow and many others. They are very rare and prohibitively expensive, so probably not a regular man's cup of tea. It seems pretty magical that coal goes on to become diamonds. If you were to see a diamond right after it was mined, you would undoubtedly be unimpressed. The glamour of a diamond comes from the precise, magnificent cuts that give it the sparkle. Since the market offers a variety of diamond jewellery , here is a heads up to serve you well when choosing your dream jewellery...

Necklace Types Size
Size matters
In the case of diamonds, this couldn't be truer. The Cullinan Diamond (3,106.75 carats) sourced from the mines of South Africa is till date, the largest. Diamonds are weighed in carats, a 'metric carat' equals 200 milligrams. The larger the size, the price multiplies. So keep this in mind, if you are a fan of larger stones! A solitaire diamond costs more than the equivalent smaller diamonds combined. This is because solitaires are harder to source. To make a statement, flaunt a solitaire diamond ring or earring as a centrepiece to a necklace. For more economical options, go for smaller diamonds in beautiful settings making for great second studs and nose pins, that is a huge rage currently.
Necklace Types To cutt
To cut or not to cut?
Diamond varieties range from cut diamonds to uncut ones. Uncut diamonds have a subtle glow, a toned down brilliance and make an excellent choice for heavy wedding necklaces . Combined with rubies and emerald embellishments, uncut diamonds are sure-fire combinations with Lehengas and Sarees. In case of traditional cut diamonds, there is an array of choices available from princess cuts - a stunning rectangular chunk, the pear cut - which is tear drop shaped and mostly used to design danglers, oval cuts, marquis cut, cushion cut and many more. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring , the classic round cut is most sought after, whereas for pendants, one could go for the rare heart cut style or even the pear cut.
Necklace Types To cutt
Necklace Types Colour
As stated earlier, there are a variety of colour options, among which white is relatively easier to find and often fits ones’ budget too. If budget isn’t going to hold you back and the beauty of the yellow diamond compels you, indulge in a pair of yellow diamond studs, and be sure to turn heads. The rest of the shades are sporadic, and unless you are a collector of sorts, its best to stay away!
Necklace Types Setting
Setting Metal
When you have an especially divine stone, you need the right metal to complement it. Gold is the most used metal to set diamonds. 18 K or 22 K gold is used for this purpose as the metal needs the strength to hold the precious stone. When opting for smaller pieces in gold, look out for rhodium polish finish, as this gives out a silvery look at the base which creates an illusion of a bigger diamond, with more sparkle. This setting looks great and is comparatively easy on the pocket.
Necklace Types Setting

Also popular, with its silvery shine, closely matching the sparkle of the diamond, are the premium platinum collections. To get people talking, Platinum designs with its chic finish are the first choice when it comes to sleek chains. If you didn't know, diamonds are also set in sterling silver, which is the cheaper option, but you will need to watch out for tarnish with age and keep it buffed regularly.

Necklace Types Occasion
The ultimate in buying diamond jewellery is the occasion when you plan to wear them. Everyday diamonds have become very common, with small stones on pendants and delicate bangles. Casual or daily wear diamond sets are a great way to show off your style staples. On the other hand, Party wear diamonds are heavier sets to add some “Bling”. You can wear a single diamond piece - earrings, a chunky ring or a classic necklace to draw attention and make a statement in style.
Necklace Types Occasion

Many Christian brides in India have nowadays reduced all the heavy jewellery worn to a single diamond set that enhances the beauty of the bride without going overboard with too many pieces. Diamonds necklaces are also popular among other Indian brides, many opting Uncut diamonds or Polki for their traditional dresses and diamond neckpieces for their western outfits especially the reception.

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