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20 JUL 2023
The Quintessential Guide to Styling Rose Gold Jewellery

The Quintessential Guide to Styling Rose Gold Jewellery

Rose gold jewellery offers the perfect middle-ground between the sophisticated yet modern look of white gold and the classic, traditional aura of yellow gold. In this blog post, we'll take you on a deep dive into what rose gold is and the tricks and tips for pulling off the look!

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a combination of yellow gold, copper and silver. The carat value of your rose gold piece determines the colour, with lower carat values providing a more reddish hue. In comparison, higher carat values create a softer champagne rose colour. The most popular and common fineness values are 14K and 18K.

Why rose gold?

As mentioned earlier, rose gold sits at a sweet spot between yellow and white gold, making it the most versatile jewellery shade! Rose gold pieces can effortlessly go with your workwear and a night out with your girl gang. As an in-between of the other gold colours, it combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to grab pieces that provide an antique look while being minimalistic in their styling.

In our diverse nation, where varied skin tones are aplenty, rose gold pieces are guaranteed to look amazing on everyone!

How to style rose gold?

Before we go into styling rose gold jewellery, you must first decide if:-

  1. It has gemstones or no gemstones
  2. The style of jewellery
  3. A statement piece or something more minimal

Our favourite pairings of rose gold and gemstones include amethyst, diamonds and pearls, as the colours harmonise excellently with the subtle yet rich hue of the metal. Rose gold rings with solitaires or diamonds embedded in intricate designs weave a magical spell that helps complete your outfit.

Styling rose gold jewellery as part of a tri-colour ensemble is the perfect way to show your fashion-forward nature! Mix up the metals at the same region(like layering dainty chains of platinum, rose gold and yellow gold to create a fabulous look) or mix and match various pieces of the three colours.

Rose gold pieces work their absolute best with neutral colours making it the ideal choice for when you want to be the best dressed at your office or university. When opting for statement pieces, we recommend a heavyset pair of bangles or bracelets or a pendant and chain combo. As rose gold is considered by many to be the most romantic colour of jewellery, cutesy designs and heart motifs look stunning in rose gold.

As mentioned earlier, rose gold jewellery is among the most versatile metals, so feel free to experiment, try and, most importantly, stay creative and have fun when putting your outfit together!

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