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03 Feb 2023
The quintessential guide to jewellery styles

The quintessential guide to jewellery styles

In 2023, jewellery styles are as abundant as the types available. This equates to plentiful options, which can become overwhelming. But don't worry! The quintessential guide to jewellery styles is here!

Traditional Jewellery

Traditional jewellery is the moniker given to a broad category of jewellery styles historically made in the Indian subcontinent. Traditional jewellery is the perfect choice for ethnic outfits but can be worn with modern clothing to create a unique blend of western and historical influences. Most traditional pieces of jewellery are striking and rich with personality.

The major styles that fall under this category are:-


The word 'kundan' means pure gold. This elaborate jewellery style holds the stone to its mount with gold foil. This jewellery style is perfect for occasions requiring a grand entrance or if you wish to be the centre of attention! Kundan jewellery uses a good blend of polished and unpolished gemstones placed either symmetrically or asymmetrically to create a unique masterpiece. It also features beautiful artwork on the backside of the piece.


Polki pieces are similar to kundan but are exclusively precious stones. Diamonds are pre-dominant, but you may find the occasional coloured stone to add a dabble of colour to the

piece. Polki jewellery makes fine statement pieces that look regal and well thought out. They are perfect for weddings and dresses.


Filigree is a complex design comprising gemstones and precious metal strips that make a unique, timeless look. They can elevate even the most basic outfits to a higher plane of fashion and elegance. You'll find yourself admiring the work and the many intricacies of the design.


Antique jewellery pieces add a brushed finish to the precious metal, creating a duller, muted look perfect for dresses and ethnic wear. The unique finish opens up new ways of styling your pieces. Antique pieces may feature motifs of Gods and Goddesses, but this is optional for the classification.


Temple jewellery refers to pieces that contain motifs of Gods, Goddesses and other religious symbolism. These pieces may be crafted in yellow gold or with a brushed finish. Best worn with ethnic wear, temple jewellery is perfect for auspicious occasions like weddings.

Modern Jewellery

Modern jewellery is a broad classification given to jewellery styles that entered the limelight recently or are borrowed from foreign cultures and regions.

Styles that fall under modern jewellery include:-

Contemporary Jewellery

Contemporary jewellery refers to pieces that break expected moulds in design, attempting to create stunning silhouettes that break convention. It's best suited for modern clothes and certain traditional outfits like kurtis.


Artistic jewellery refers to pieces that give the karigar complete freedom to design and execute. These pieces are hard to place into a particular box and are a form of pure self-expression. Artistic works can be worn with anything. Like the jewellery, the ensemble is meant to break all norms in pursuing creative expression.


Designed on the philosophy of 'less is more', minimalistic pieces are available in multiple colours of precious metals and may or may not contain gemstones. Best worn with clothing that compliments the simple yet graceful nature of the jewellery, avoid flashy colours and designs that overpower them. When used tactfully, a minimalist wardrobe can create an evergreen look.

Now equipped with the necessary knowledge, it's your turn to try experimenting with the styles that resonate with you as you mix and match to create a style true to your authentic self!

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