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20 OCT 2023
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The quintessential guide for matching your accessories with your event!

Events often have dress codes, expecting visitors to tone down or turn up based on the occasion and time of day. Use this guide to stand out without looking out of place!

Brunch Events

Brunch events, by nature, are usually held from noon to evening, translating to ample sunlight. It's best to wear a bright-coloured outfit when participating in brunches. Accessorising for brunches is the art of balancing between stunning pieces of jewellery that hold their own with the outfit while not overpowering the same.

Try layering chains and a pendant or stacking rings and bracelets of different metals to match the informal yet elegant vibe of the event! Pick earrings in the shade of gold that's most prominent (yellow, white or rose) for a seamless attire when layering, mixing and matching. For earrings, opt for something minimal to balance with the layering or stacking. (Go either for a layered chain and pendant or stacked bracelets. Avoid doing both at the same time.) Brunches are also the perfect place to have fun with your nosepin; pick something flamboyant that goes with the rest of your fit!

Office Events/Parties

In contrast to brunches, office events are formal in nature. As such, tone down on the accessories and stick to one colour of gold (or platinum). We recommend opting for one statement piece in diamonds or other precious stones, especially if the event is indoors. Avoid stacking rings or bracelets, but layering dainty chains is a fantastic and acceptable way to express panache!

Make sure to pick pieces of jewellery that match the formal outfit you'll be wearing.

Night Events/Parties

For events in the night, dress up in cocktail dresses or other clothing in darker colours. Again, sticking to pieces in one colour is the best course of action, but mixing and matching can create a unique look when pulled off correctly!

Night events are when diamonds come out to play! You can never go wrong with glimmering bejewelled pieces at these events. We recommend picking diamond-studded pieces as pendants, bracelets or earrings. Your jewellery level depends on the outfit and the look you're going for. However, we recommend not stacking at multiple focal points (wrist, neck, fingers or ears). While a statement piece can be any fabulous jewellery, the safest option in this setting would be to go for a diamond necklace. If you plan on wearing a nosepin, we recommend keeping it in the more straightforward, elegant style to accompany your dress!

Now it's time to pick the right jewellery for the occasion and turn heads! We know you are going to look stunning!

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