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07 AUG 2023
Onam style guide

Onam style guide: Timeless Sets Routed in Tradition

As you welcome Maveli this Onam, accessorise your Onakodi perfectly with gilded pieces of elite craftsmanship! Follow this guide to create the perfect Onam look, be it with a settu mundu or pattu pavada!

Before you decide on the combo, choose the outfit you'll be accessorising. Finding a jewellery set that accentuates and enhances the outfit's colours, textures, and patterns is crucial when piecing together the perfect Onam look.

Palakka Set

Our first set combines the green accents of the Palakka bangles, necklace and earrings to create a harmonious look. When styling a Palakka set, you can pair it with outfits matching the green-coloured emeralds or enamels of the jewellery or create contrast with earthy tones. If you are eyeing shades of red this onam season, pick a red enamelled Palekka to compliment your attire.

Nagapadam Set

The Nagapadam set, another traditional beauty similar to the Palakka set. This looks best when paired with an outfit with green, red or earthy tones.

Kashu Mala Set

The Kashu Mala set comprises bangles, necklaces and earrings made from coins strung together or modified to form various jewellery pieces. Sometimes although not always, these coins can also feature motifs of the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi.

If you are planning to adorn a set mundu this Onam, we recommend wearing a kashu mala set with it to enhance the traditional look.

Mulla Mottu Set

The Mulla Mottu set comprises a necklace and earrings with little strip-like pieces of gold inspired by the petals of the Jasmine. These pieces add a level of sophistication and movement to your overall look.

We recommend pairing them with bangles that are on the thicker side to complete the traditional look.

Manga Mala Set

As the name suggests, the manga mala is made by stringing together pieces of gold that represent the shape of a mango fruit. The earrings comprise one or multiple shapes that are sometimes studded with precious stones.

We recommend pairing them with thinner traditional bangles to create a cohesive look that is fun yet perfect for the occasion of Onam!

Final Thoughts

While the sets we mentioned above match the jewellery styles, you can always mix 'n match to create unique collections that complement your personality! If you decide to go the custom set route, check out the majestic Elaka Tali choker or the elegant yet sophisticated Pavithrakettu Mala. Don’t forget to adorn a pair of your favourite Jimkis to complete the look!

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