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08 Dec 2022
New Year Resolutions - The Gemstone Edit

New Year Resolutions - The Gemstone Edit

A new year is dawning soon. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to introspect on the bygone year and make new resolutions for the coming year.

This year why not make virtues your new year resolution? It helps one to live more fluidly and consciously. Jewellery, especially ones with coloured gemstones, is the perfect way to remind yourself about the virtue that you took as your new year's resolution. Each virtue represents a colour, and here is a guide to choosing jewellery according to the virtue of your choice.

Blue - Blue represents responsibility, a virtue one should always have. Adding a blue sapphire ring or pendant to your jewellery collection will not only enhance any look but also remind you of your resolution during new year's night.

Purple - The colour purple stands for honesty and humility, a perfect virtue you can add to your resolution list. A purple Amethyst or a purple sapphire is an ideal gemstone to add to your jewellery collection. It will transform your look as well as make heads turn.

Green - Green is the colour of kindness, and if your new year's resolution has kindness, you can add an emerald pendant or a ring made with green Jade stone. It will take any look to an elevated new.

Red - Gentleness and love are represented by the colour red. A pair of beautiful earrings with rubies or a garnet studded bangle can also remind you of your new year's resolution from time to time. It is an excellent addition to your jewellery collection.

Yellow - The colour yellow represents hopefulness and optimism, a great virtue to add to your New Year list. Try adding a Citrine or yellow Topaz pendant to your jewellery collection. You can personalise a ring, a pair of earrings or even a simple necklace with these gemstones.

Orange - Strength and patience is represented by the colour Orange. These virtues are a great addition to your New Year list for this year and years to come. The gemstone Amber is of the colour orange. Wearing a unique ring studded with an amber gemstone will not only turn heads, but it will keep reminding you of the resolution that you took.

Whichever virtues you plan to add to your new year list, make it more beautiful by adding coloured gemstones that match the virtue to your personal jewellery collection. Have a great New Year, everyone.

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