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27 Jul 2021
Making a Statement with Symbol of Empowerment with Queen of Gems AKA Pearls

Making A Statement With Symbol Of Empowerment With Queen of Gems AKA Pearls

Pearls are termed the ‘queen of Gems’ and rightly so. It is not worn on a daily basis by just about anyone. It requires a certain class and elegance to pull off an amazing look with a string of pearls.

Unlike other jewelries that are mined from the depths of the land, pearls are unique as they come from the heart of the sea. Pearling is the process of diving deep into the ocean to collect these rare gems. Pearls are an incredible phenomenon that occur in shelled mollusk. When a foreign particle like dust or sand enter into the mollusk, the sea creature secretes a substance called nacre around the foreign particle over the years finally yielding a shiny piece of gem. It takes more than two and a half years to create one pearl, naturally. Each pearl is exclusive for no two pearls are of the same size, shape or luster.

Pearls have been used to beautify women since ages. From ancient Greek history to the pharaohs of Egypt to mighty Chinese dynasties to royal Mughal Empire, pearls have had their place set in the royalty’s treasury. Pearls have been gifted to the kings’ close acquaintances and adorned by the women of royalty in grand fashion. Even today, pearl jewelry has a clear place in a woman’s heart and her wardrobe.

Being delicate and subject to damage from regular exposure to creams and chemicals, it is advised to adorn pearls only for special occasions. A simple pearl stud is enough to bring a look of royalty. Pearl studs are also good for formal office wear. It is better not to use pearl bracelets or bangles as daily wear as the chances of them chipping away is high. For grand gala, the pearl studded Chandbali earrings are a clear choice. Even though a bridal trousseau is dominated with gold and diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry has its own place given the occasion. From grand chokers to layered long necklaces, pearl jewelry can bring grandeur to your look in a flash. On the contrary, a simple string of pearls would complete a classy and elegant look, fit for a formal gathering.

An interesting aspect of pearl jewelry is that it can be styled suiting each occasion and each individual’s preference, in the most charming way possible.

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