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01 JUN 2023
Lightweight College Jewellery

Lightweight College Jewellery

Look stylish without compromising on functionality with this guide to lightweight college jewellery!

While it is true that universities are the hub of enlightenment and seeking knowledge, it's also a place to socialize and stay stylish! But not all college fashion is the same and not all accessories can work with the daily activities of a college student. Follow this blog for some valuable pointers on what makes good college jewellery.

The first and most important thing is to keep it light! While a gaudy piece can be stunning in its own right, it can get annoying to deal with when you're moving around a lot. Instead of picking one heavier piece as a statement, we recommend combining smaller elements to create a trendy, harmonious look.

Speaking of trendy, keeping up with what's popular is essential! Pearls or minimalistic and geometric designs are among the many things in vogue right now! The main pieces worth investing in are bracelets, earrings, pendants and anklets.


Bracelets are a chic and chirpier take on their more rigid counterpart: the bangle. While bracelets in all colours are stunning, we recommend mixed metal ones, creating an extra layer of

sophistication. While shopping for bracelets, consider your activity levels, as bracelets like charm bracelets are more prone to snagging on surfaces. We suggest trendy designs in beaded, chain-link or cuff bracelets for day-to-day high-activity usage.


Our opinion on earrings, much like the bracelets, is to go for either studs or drops that don't dangle a lot as they stay close to the piercing, ensuring you stay hassle-free at all times! Hoops are another great alternative!


A light chain and pendant combo is a quintessential woman's accessory; the right piece can go with everything from a dress to a t-shirt! We recommend geometric or minimalistic designs to keep up with the current fashion landscape. Pearls and other precious stones like diamonds are a great charm for your chain, completing the look!


While anklets might not always be visible, they are perfect for your college outfit as they add another layer of sparkle, creating the illusion of someone who has put serious thought into their dressing without trying too hard.

Lastly, it is vital to consider the durability and strength of a piece, irrespective of the type. For example, while a prong set solitaire is a must-have in every wardrobe, it needs to be more secure to handle the roughness of daily use. Instead, switching it out for a bezel setting ring would ensure the highest level of rigidity.

Now that you know the best practices, we wish you a happy and trendy college life!

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