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20 JUL 2023
Gifting Ideas - Motif-based Meaningful Gifts

Gifting Ideas - Motif-based Meaningful Gifts

The best gifts are those that come from the heart. Gifting something special doesn't need an occasion, a reason or a season. They are just done as an act of love, a gesture of thoughtfulness and a token from the heart. Jewellery is a classic example of an everlasting and valuable gift. Here's our quick guide to finding the best jewellery gifting ideas.

While gifting trinkets - delicate and bold is the way to go! Motif jewellery is an all-time favourite. There are a plethora of motifs to choose from when buying trinkets for gifting. For youngsters, butterfly motifs are trending. A single butterfly taking flight or a dainty one perched on gold is a gift worth buying.

Nature motifs are perfect for everyday wear. They pair with any outfit and don't need any particular occasion to adorn. Intricate leaves scattered with precious diamonds, delicate flowers, and pretty perched birds are the perfect nature jewellery to gift.

For those women that love the miracles of the universe, there are so many beautiful options to choose from. A brilliant sunburst to celebrate the summers or a sparkling snowflake to rejoice the cold winters can be a precious choice for gifting.

For the nyctophiles, there are so many options to choose from - half-moons studded with precious gems and star-lit earrings that sparkle at every nod.

Forever relationships call for a symbolic gift. How about an infinity loop pendant that is strung on a delicate chain? Or a diamond-studded heart that symbolises your eternal love? These are available in a variety of designs - studded and non-studded as well.

Sports enthusiasts will love the football pendant that is crafted in yellow and white gold. A reminder of their passion and beautiful trinket to add to the wardrobe ensemble. If the person is close to you, personalisation is a great way to show you care. Monogram pendants in white gold studded with lustring diamonds will be something they can wear on their person at all times.

Motif jewellery is a good choice for gifting the devoted- a constant reminder of their faith. The bansuri, Om or god and goddess motifs will be cherished for a lifetime.

If you are still unsure about what to gift, a generic motif like the four leafed clover embellished with different coloured onyxes are the perfect choice as a pendant, earring pair or ring.

Explore our shops to find that perfect gift for your perfect person.

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