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20 Jul 2022
Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

Bracelets are one of the few pieces of jewellery that are worn by men and women alike. The origin of bracelets dates back to ancient prehistoric times. There are several references to this jewellery in Indian mythology as well. In ancient times, bracelets were used to symbolize various things like religious beliefs, political afflictions, professions etc. One type of bracelet used to symbolize luck is the charm bracelet.

It is said that soldiers of war used to wear small trinkets or “charms” like sea shells, pearls, or clover leaves strung on gold, silver or copper twine on their wrists. This was supposed to bring good luck and success during the battles. It is said that the kings and aristocrats used gold twine while the rest used copper twine to collect their charms. What started as a jewellery of war slowly transitioned into daily life over several dynasties. Several famous queens were known for their extensive collection of charm bracelets. This culture has passed down several generations, and the charm bracelets have turned into a piece of interesting heirloom jewellery capable of telling hundreds of stories.

The trend of charm bracelets was very famous among the women and young girls of the United States of America in the 1940s. Girls used to collet charms that represented them and signified their likes, dislikes and unique experiences or simply the charms that they loved so much using their allowance. These charms made of gold, silver or any other metal used to be strung onto a gold or silver chain worn on the girls’ wrists. As the girl grew, more charms were added to paint a picture of how her life turned out. Though this trend died out a couple of decades later, it has now been revived, thanks to our love for everything vintage. Today’s young girls find it

fascinating to wear the charm bracelets built by the then girls of the 1940s. This has a uniquely vintage appeal to it and the fact that the bracelets house several incredible stories is indeed a happy bonus.

Although India is a little late to jump on the bandwagon, the charm bracelets are becoming a hit among Indian youth in lieu of the current fashion trend. Several charms are available on the market, and of course many can be made to order, satisfying the needs of every little girl and her dream charm bracelet.

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