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Simple Chandraharam Designs

Simple Chandraharam Designs

Chandraharam can be split as ‘Chandra’ and ‘haar’ which means a chain that has a depiction of the moon.

The traditional chandraharam necklace is the one with multiple strings attached to a huge pendant along with several tiny ones. It is noteworthy that all these lockets, whether big or small, are in crescent shapes. The adornment is a statement necklace that needs none to compliment it. A couple of bangles and dangle earrings will make you festive ready or even ready to walk the aisle in your wedding fineries.

Bengalis have another version of the chandraharam. It consists of yet another array of criss- cross gold strings leading to a massive floral pendant. There are also multiple tiny flower- shaped motifs attached in between the pendants. Their style of adorning this necklace is even more unique; as in Bengal, the chandraharam lies on the women’s hip. Hence Bengali brides own this ornament as a gift from their parents for their wedding.

The present-day chandraharam is entirely different from its older versions. There are simpler versions that can be worn with ethnic dresses, and we need not wait for elaborate festivities to adorn this beauty.

Here are some simple chandraharam designs.

Three strings gold chandraharam: In this design, tiny gold balls are attached in strings and in this way, three strands are woven together to form the chandraharam. The chunky pendant is replaced by two little oval-shaped lockets that stay on the sides. Diamonds and rubies are used on the jewellery, and this combination with gold is quite enchanting.

Six layered simple chandraharam necklace: This design may consist of six strings in gold, but it is still delicate and apt for even small functions. Floral motifs on the sides hold the necklace in shape. Rubies and emeralds are encrusted along the string.

Gold chandraharam necklace: Chandraharam doesn’t necessarily mean a necklace with gold strings. Its definition has effectively changed. We can find these in broad gold plates along with a mediocre pendant. This simple chandraharam design doesn’t consist of any gemstone. Intricate work along the necklace and locket are enough to elevate its beauty.

Pearl chandraharam design: Pearl strings are used in this kind of necklace. Multiple layers attached with tiny pendants are the focal point of this chandraharam. A huge solitaire with small diamonds surrounding it is the typical pendant style in this design. The white on white combination looks alluring and lends a feeling of royalty to the wearer. Even gold lockets are used in these pearl chandraharam designs.

CZ stones chandraharam: For people looking for cheaper options of chandraharam, cubic zirconia infused chandraharam is the best-suited style. The chunky pendant on any of the side is embedded with multiple cubic zircons. This lends the look and feel of diamonds and still doesn’t cost you a fortune.

The strings and pendants can define the look of any chandraharam. Kundan, sapphire, ruby and many other precious stones can elevate its look.