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Dulhan Haar

The bridal necklaces appearing in various trends provide a royal look and feel to the bride on her wedding day. From traditional temple designs to contemporary styles, these necklaces make them shine like a queen.

Rani haar & Moti haar: The Rani haar necklaces come in heavier and longer styles that perfectly elevate the bridal look. Rani haars can be paired with other necklaces like chokers and collar necklaces to get the complete look and feel of a bridal jewellery set. Moti haar necklaces are heavily crafted necklaces with multiple pearls and other adornments. They generally appear in collar sizes. Moti haars usually have two or more layers of pearl strands and a pendant attached to its centre.

Chokers: Chokers and short collar necklaces made of gold, embellished with stones, fit around your neck, giving a stunning look to the bridal set. Various stylish and multi-layered chokers such as the gold & emerald choker, sapphire choker set, Polki & emerald choker, pearl choker. Choker set with multicoloured stones, and the Maharashtrian Thushi choker necklaces are specially crafted choker haars that lend an elegant appearance to the exquisite-looking bridal set.

Kundan bridal necklaces: An evergreen Kundan necklace set looks great on a wedding day. Kundal necklaces for Dulhan include various vintage and unique styles that look pretty amazing. This gemstone bridal jewellery, generally set in gold foils, has been a part of the Indian wedding tradition for a very long time. Their glossy finish and smoothly polished gemstones help in selecting the best patterns and designs. Some popular styles of Kundan bridal necklaces include multi-stranded Kundan necklaces, Kundan sets with precious stones, Kundan chokers, Kundan pearl necklaces and Kundan diamond necklaces.

Satlada necklaces: Satlada necklace is a popular wedding ornament that has got a pretty unique look. It is a beautiful necklace with seven layers of pearls or gems. You can also find similar versions with five layers or three layers.

Diamond Polki Dulhan necklaces: Polki ornaments comprise gold foil studded with precious uncut stones. Diamond Polki necklaces use raw uncut diamonds as embellishments. A combination of Polki diamonds and various other gemstones is often used to decorate bridal necklaces, resulting in bridal sets with a brighter and shiny appearance.

Jadau bridal necklaces: Jadau necklaces are made of precious gemstones such as pearls, diamonds and emeralds, arranged especially without adhesives.

Navratna necklace set: These jewellery pieces are crafted using the precious nine jewels known as the navaratna. The necklaces made of these jewels appear in various stylish fashions, making them a good pick as bridal jewellery.

Guluband Dulhan haar: Guluband is a style of necklace worn just below the collar bone. The necklaces designs such as the multi-layered pearl guluband are a popular design of guluband necklace used as a bridal ornament.

Bib Bridal necklace: Bib necklaces are typically large necklaces encrusted with precious stones. They usually appear in a circular, crescent or triangle shape, with multiple strands decorated with gemstones.

Aadh Necklace: Aadh is a traditional choker necklace that generally comes in a square or rectangular shape. It usually has a block of gold with enamel and ends with strings of triangles. It is designed to cover the whole neckline area and appears with stunning designs studded with various stones.