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Oxidised Necklace

Oxidised Necklace

Necklaces are ornaments that add elegance to the overall look of the wearer. People, especially women of all age groups, love to wear necklaces. One of such popular designs is the oxidized necklace.

Metals like sterling silver, when exposed to oxygen or sulfur for a long time, develop a tarnish appearance. This process is known as ‘oxidation’. Oxidation occurs in a pressurized environment. The compound formed on the outer layer of the metal after oxidation provides the blackened finish to the related metal. For example, in the case of silver exposed to sulfur, the silver sulfide formed on the outer layer provides the black colour. In the case of silver ornaments, oxygen is not a requirement for oxidation. Sulfides will turn the silver black. The finished product provides an antique look with very little lustre.

An oxidized necklace is an excellent choice for travelling and special occasions. Other than the metals silver and sterling silver, the brass- plated styles, oxidized tribal necklaces, alloy silver designs, brass, and gold plated models, and different varieties of oxidized necklaces are available for sale. These come in various forms and sizes.

Most of the designs reflect a black colour with trendy styles. You can find necklaces with contrasting shades of gemstones fitted on them. The ornaments will have a perfect matte finish if the oxidation process occurs at its full strength. However, the blackened part may wear out over time. But still, most of the oxidized-ornaments have prolonged life than ordinary ornaments. Oxidized necklaces are long- lasting. Unlike bracelets and rings, these won’t rub with the surrounding materials.

Oxidized ornaments like necklaces require proper maintenance and care. The water you use for cleaning these ornaments should be warm and not hot. Wipe them using a clean towel and don’t scrub them. Make sure to keep the jewellery away from moisture. Cosmetic products can damage your oxidized necklaces, so you must make sure that these necklaces do not touch such items.