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Coin Necklace

Coin Necklace

Necklaces are an ancient form of jewellery. People all over the world like wearing necklaces. These ornaments are available in various shapes, styles and sizes. Some of the popular styles are bead necklaces, coin necklaces, chain necklaces, string necklaces, collar necklaces etc. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and other inexpensive materials like glass, beads, gemstones, plastic, fibre etc. are suitable for making a necklace.

We can find various forms of coin jewellery such as coin necklaces, coin earrings, coin rings etc. From an early age, people started wearing coin necklaces. Silver coins, gold coins and bronze coins are perfect for making a coin necklace. The finished jewellery will be in the form of a single coin or multiple coins attached to a chain or rope.

Besides the coins we use as currency, we can also find coins with different types of symbols, shapes and designs embossed on them. The colour of the coin will match the colour of the chain or thread. Adding multiple coins will be perfect for layered necklaces.

In south India, a popular form of coin necklace is the ‘Kasumala’. Kasu means money and mala means necklace. It is a traditional long necklace with a collection of little coins. In addition to the classic designs, modern forms of coin necklaces involve enamelled coins, laser engravings and carved patterns. The jewellery manufacturers also started to add precious and semi-precious gemstones to make the coin necklaces more attractive. Different types of coin necklaces such as single coin necklaces, double coin necklaces and multiple coin necklaces became more popular in the 21 st century.