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Gold Types

Gold Types

Gold is one of the most common and most valuable metals around the world. People love Gold in the form of jewellery and as an investment option.

Gold is categorized in terms of its colour and purity. Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold and Green Gold are the various types of Gold based on its exterior colour while 24K, 22K and 18K are the main classifications in terms of its purity. However, 14K, 12K and 10K also exist in the industry.

Yellow Gold: Yellow Gold is obtained when pure Gold, silver, copper and zinc are mixed. Yellow Gold depicts the purest colour of Gold and does not require much maintenance compared to other gold colours. In addition, it is also the most hypoallergenic sort of Gold.

White Gold : White Gold is made by mixing Gold and platinum. Sometimes Nickel and Zinc are also added to the mixture. The kind of mixture depends on the use for which White gold is going to be put to. For instance, adding Nickel can make Gold harder, which makes it better suitable for creating a brooch or a ring. White Gold is considered much more durable and scratch-resistant than yellow Gold.

Rose Gold : The mixture for rose gold consists of Gold, copper and silver. Rose gold is much more affordable than both yellow Gold and white Gold as it is created using a rather inexpensive sort of copper which is used to give the pink colour to the Gold. Besides that, it is also more durable than yellow and white Gold.

Green Gold : Green gold is also known as electrum, and the mixture of green Gold consists of Gold, silver and copper (only sometimes). And, silver is the reason for its green appearance.

24k Gold is 99.9% pure gold with a bright yellow colour. 22K jewellery contains about 91.67% pure gold. 18K Gold contains 75% pure gold and is rather dull in colour. The colour of Gold gets even more tired with a decrease in gold content.