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Mugappu Chain

Mugappu Chain

A mugappu chain is a highly valued ornament that shows remarkable craftsmanship. It is a traditional form of chain that originated in South India. These styles of chains are popular for their beauty, colour, structure, pattern and design. The availability of various forms of designs makes these ornaments a great favourite among women.

This jewellery item usually appears with its front portion decorated with gemstones of various colours. Arrangement of gemstones and designs like images of saints, god, floral patterns, symbols like the image of a peacock and other unique patterns are common in mugappu chains. Such symbols appear in the form of a pendant on a chain; we can name these pendants as mugappu.

Many traditions use mugappu designs as ‘thalimala’ ( wedding chain) in wedding functions. For example, people in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India prefer wearing twisted designs of mugappu chains with mangalsutra. The word ‘mangalsutra’ indicates an auspicious thread, i.e. the holy thread that unites two souls. Most of these ornaments are suitable for daily wear. In the case of gold plated thalimalas, take proper care not to expose them to chemical substances.

Earrings and chains are common types of mugappu jewellery designs. In the case of golden chains and necklaces, the mugappu will be in the form of a pendant as a separate part attached to the chain or necklace. Usually, the chain hangs through the loop in the pendants. Some of the pendants also have rings on them to tie them with the chain. The traditional form of mugappu chains made of thread and the gold chain with side mugappu designs still prevail as the perfect ornaments for wedding ceremonies.