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Oddiyanam is a traditional ornament worn around the hip. It is also known as ‘Vaddanam’. It is a form of waist belt that comes with a clasp or hook at its back to fix it firmly. The ornament is worn by women, especially the brides, to secure their saree in place.

This ornament is believed to have originated from the south Indian states. It is usually made from gold or silver and decorated with diamonds & other gemstones. The women from south India are fond of wearing oddiyanam at their wedding and other traditional functions.

Oddiyanam is available in different designs, sizes and shapes. The traditional designs usually come with god/ goddesses or such carvings, while the modern ornaments are decorated with expensive stones, keeping that traditional touch.

The single and multilayered kemp vaddanam, set in gold & studded with kemp stones, pearl hangings and expensive gemstones, is a popular form of temple jewellery in India. These designs come with various figures of god and goddesses. The Nakshi temple vaddanam, another unique style of hip belt, represents figures of RadhaKrishna or Ashta Lakshmi or Ganesha in the pendants. These antique oddiyanam decorated with rubies, uncut diamonds and emeralds.

Antique kemp vaddanams with leaves, flowers and peacock design helps to make your celebration more traditional and beautiful. Such vaddanams are also an integral part of the classical dancer’s jewellery. The uncut peacock bridal vaddanam designs crafted in gold and decorated with stones is another popular category of south Indian waist jewellery.

The antique gold Lakshmi peacock model with the goddess, Lakshmi and peacock on either side, is a stunning design of waistband that looks well with bridal sarees. Another popular category is the Kamala Lakshmi vaddanam, with the sculpture of goddess Lakshmi seated on a lotus and studded with kemp stones.

Apart from these, other well-known categories of these waistbands, such as the nagas Oddiyanam and the unique lord Ganesh gold Oddiyanam (with the sculpture of Lord Ganesha). The nagas design of vaddanam is an intricate design crafted with a lot of hard work. It is a piece of beautiful temple jewellery with multiple figures of the goddess Lakshmi, elephants and peacocks.

The flawless diamond oddiyanam is an unavoidable option for the bride’s ultimate collection of waistbands. The grand designs of diamond vaddanam come with intricate designs studded with brilliant uncut diamonds. Most of the diamond oddiyanam also include loosely hanging chains and motifs of floral design, peacock or elephants.

Artificial Oddiyanam made with gold-coated objects, and semi-precious gemstones are also available, which serves as a great choice of fancy jewellery for kids. You can select such imitation jewellery and expensive antique designs for your kids according to their waist size.