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Dollar Chain

Dollar Chain

A dollar chain is a charming and unique necklace that comes with an amazingly attractive & shiny pendant. The pendants or lockets of these chains are beautifully crafted to serve as a centre of attraction. These pendants appear in various sizes, from small to very large.

The lockets of dollar chains are usually made of gold or silver and embellished with precious stones. They are sold in a huge variety of designs and shapes.

Kemp stone dollar chain: The traditional kemp stone temple jewellery collection includes various astonishing ornaments such as coin necklaces and dollar chains. Kemp stones of various sizes are used to decorate the dollar chain pendants.

Goddess Lakshmi dollar chain: The traditional Lakshmi dollar chain pendants come with stunning antique designs, providing a matte or glossy finish. Various gemstones, imitation stones, pearls and other embellishments are used to decorate the Lakshmi dollar pendants.

Gold plated chain dollars: Dollar chains crafted with gold plated brass & gold plated sterling silver adds sparkling colour to your jewellery set. Imitation jewellery set in the form of gold plated ornaments with sparkling stones represents both traditional and modern styles of designer fashion jewellery.

Ruby & Emerald dollar chain: Dollar necklace pendants made of pure gold are often decorated with ruby, emerald or a combination of both. Necklaces and pendants crafted with ruby or emerald stones provide an attractive and antique look, making it a good choice for wearing at parties and special functions.

Simple plain gold chain dollars: Gold dollar chains made up of simple gold pendants and a delicate necklace is a choice that goes well with your outfit. The pendants of these designs do not include any gemstones or other decoratives and come in simple plain designs, made of pure gold or gold plated materials.

Peacock chain dollar: Tradition peacock chain dollars have pendants with the figure of a peacock/peacocks on them. Peacock chain dollars made of impon (an alloy of five metals), and peacock dollars made of gold are stunning peacock chain dollar jewellery that complements all forms of outfits.

Diamond dollar chain: Diamond chain dollar pendants appear in various styles and trends. Diamond pendants with Swarovski bead sets, diamonds studded on gold dollar pendants, dollar chain pendants with diamond nakshi work, gold plated diamond dollar chains etc. are some better options, designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer.