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Kasulaperu Designs

Kasulaperu is a form of neckpiece and consists of gold coins imprinted with the images of deities attached. Women in South India extensively wear ‘Kasulaperu’ for various occasions. Kasulaperu is also known as ‘kasu mala’ in Kerala. It is an antique jewelry design and falls in the category of heavy ornaments. Kasulaperu is made with 22K gold and gemstones like diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds, kundan etc. can also be embedded in it. This necklace may or may not have a pendant, but it has to be huge if there is one. Kasulaperu is available in various designs, these are worn as chokers, small necklaces or long necklaces and can be worn for all auspicious occasions.

Plain coins are attached to overlapping each other to form the plain kasulaperu. Necklaces with the image of Goddess Lakshmi embossed on coins are called Lakshmi malas, while the ones with the images of parrots engraved on both sides of Goddess Lakshmi are named as the parrot kasulaperus. Gemstones are also mounted on these necklaces to enhance their beauty, and this design is named as the stone kasulaperu. Kasulaperu designs includes coins set apart from each other as opposed to the authentic version of this jewelry. Flower necklaces are also in vogue due to contemporary fashion. Rows of flowers are attached to the coins, and they are then beaded into a necklace. Double stringed kasu malas can be worn for weddings and impart a royal look to the bride. Pearls and kundan are seen attached to these royal kasu malas. The coins are also seen to be bordered with cubic zirconia.

Kasumala finds its way into bridal ornaments due to its classy, ethnic yet modish designs. Plain versions can be worn for any occasion, while truly special functions in a woman’s life should be marked with the presence of an extravagant Kasulaperu, matching earrings, maang tikka and loads of love.