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Paisley designs are quite popular in the jewellery world. Be it in necklaces or earrings or rings, jewellery lovers adore paisley motifs. It is truly a classic and evergreen style of design. It is one of the most popular and well-accepted designs in India and is worn with much pride in western countries. The Scottish people coined the word “paisley” after the town of Paisley in Scotland. In India, especially in Kerala, paisley designs are most commonly referred to as ‘manga’ which means mango. The same design is also known as twisted teardrop, kidney shape etc. in other parts of the country.

The paisley also plays a vital role in the lives of people in India. In Kerala, the ‘manga mala’, a traditional necklace with paisley motifs, is often worn by rides.

The ‘manga mala’ is available in various improvisations such as with gemstones embedded in them and in contemporary styles. This advancement has made it tempting to the brides of other religions as well, the ‘manga mala’ is worn by everyone regardless of their religion.

Paisley designs are also suitable for creating pendants. It’s an alluring treat to the eyes to see the inverted teardrop in the majestic colour of gold hanging from a gold chain. Even though paisley designs are high on traditional values, they also go well with jeans and t-shirts or maxi dresses as well.

Wedding bands showcasing two paisley motifs, commonly seen in South East Asia are gaining popularity globally, due to the deep and spiritual meaning they symbolize. The two paisleys engraved on the wedding band are believed to depict yin and yang; the interaction of two poles of energies encompassing creation.