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Puligoru Jewellery Designs

Puligoru Jewellery Designs

The beauty of Indian jewellery lies in its unique designs and the tireless efforts of skilled craftsmen who produce these exquisite designs.

Puligoru jewellery designs generally resemble the tiger claw. The origin and history of Puligoru jewellery date back to ancient times when man relied on hunting for food. In those days, men lived in jungles, and animals were a big part of their lives. This can be seen in the paintings, carvings, statues etc. of those times.

In the same way, they also started making jewellery inspired by the various animals around them. Tigers have always been considered majestic animals often associated with pride and strength, which gradually paved the way to the birth of the Puligoru design.

Puligoru designs generally consist of lockets made of gold and different types of gemstones embedded on them. Puligoru lockets usually look great on pearl and other forms of beaded necklaces, and middle-aged women often wear these necklaces.

However, nowadays, small pendants in Puligoru designs are also seen in the markets to serve the younger generation's interests and prefer simple and sleek designs.

Another speciality of Puligoru designs is that they are well received by the opposite gender as well. Many men’s jewellery in Puligoru designs are also available in the market, and they have great demand. Puligoru lockets and rings are two of the most common designs found being used by men.