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Royal Jewellery Designs

Royal Jewellery Designs

The timeless designs of Indian jewellery have the power to make the wearer look unique and incredibly attractive.

Wearing the right jewellery can brighten up the outfit and completely enhance the look of a person. The majestic ornaments like antique temple jewellery, precious stone models & luxurious jewellery pieces are timeless ornaments that stay in fashion, regardless of the trend.

The jewellery inspired by cave paintings, ancient sculptures, Mughal miniatures and other such historical objects is crafted with a royal touch that provides an amazing appearance to the wearer. Unique and expensive modern ornaments made with diamonds and valuable pearls are other unique majestic ornaments that perfectly pair with all kinds of outfits.

Royal Rajputana Jewellery: The style of this ornament is inspired by the ornaments worn by the royal women of Rajasthan. It is an integral part of Rajputi jewellery. The Rajputana necklaces come in intricate designs, having finely crafted flower motifs attached to them. The Rajput royal collection also includes various rings, haars, earrings and others.

Kundan Jewellery: The traditional Kundan jewellery is made with precious stones and gold. These Jewellery pieces turn out to be expensive due to their brilliant craftwork and gold content. Kundan ornaments pair well with both modern and traditional outfits.

Satlada Necklace: The Satlada collection includes beautiful antique necklaces made with pearl. The popular Satlada necklace is designed in a seven-tier pearl necklace with goldwork and precious stones.

Emerald Jewellery: Royal emerald rings, tiaras and necklaces provide a stylish look to the wearer. The sparkling green colour of emerald stones is quite a majestic feeling. Classy and elegant emerald ornaments are crafted with emeralds studded on gold or silver. Apart from the modern designer jewellery, popular vintage ornaments such as the Chintaak necklace and royal Rajput chokers also contain precious stones like emeralds.

Traditional Pearl Jewellery: Vintage modes of necklaces specially crafted with south sea pearls & other expensive pearls is a perfect example of royal jewellery. Pearls are in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes. The La Peregrina pearl necklace designed for Elizabeth Taylor remains the most expensive pearl ornament, and it shows us the actual value of these beautiful gems.

Other forms of royal jewellery designs include precious diamond jewellery, sapphire ornaments, Patta haar Rajasthani necklace and traditional temple jewellery.