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Platinum Vs Diamond

Platinum Vs Diamond

Platinum is available in South Africa and Russia. Platinum is considered a valuable investment because of its rarity.

The other reasons for its popularity are:

1: It commands good value in the investment marketplace.

2: The demand for platinum has gone up in the industrial sector.

3: Platinum commands a high spot price.

4: You can buy platinum in grams, albeit it is a metal.

5: Platinum comes from its mineral ore.

That said, it’s expensive to store platinum, and there is no way at present to invest in digital platinum.


Diamonds have always been a preferred instrument of investment. Buying diamond jewellery is the easiest way to invest in them.

1: A diamond is a tangible asset. Because of its durability, families pass on the diamonds as a family heirloom.

2: You can exchange diamonds for cash because of the easy liquidity.

3: There is a huge demand for diamonds because of less production and increased usage.

4: The jewellery manufacturers cut and polish a diamond to its present form.

There are different mechanisms for determining the pricing of platinum and diamonds. The cost of platinum depends on its weight and rate per gram. It’s the cut, clarity, carat, and colour that determine the price of a diamond.