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Platinum Colour

Platinum Colour

Platinum is a rare metal. Since platinum is a hard metal, it will retain the shape for the lifetime.

The colour of platinum ornaments seems as white. However, if you examine carefully, you will see that they have a silvery-white colour or a typical greyish-silver or greyish-white shade. This colour of platinum is natural and will not fade or change with time. However, it can develop a patina from daily wear. Such a metallic tint of greyish-white colour became known by the name ‘platinum’ itself from the early twentieth century.

Before extraction, platinum appears in a silvery-white colour. The refined metal will show more hues of white than silver. We can classify the silver colour schemes of platinum into five key colours. They are light grey, silver sand, American-silver, sonic silver, and platinum. People use various hexadecimal codes to indicate the tints, tones, and shades of these colours.

So, if you decide to buy silver-hued jewellery, you can go for platinum or silver ornaments. At first glance, the colour of both ornaments will appear to be silver. You will be unable to distinguish them. But under careful observation, you can find that platinum is much brighter than silver. Silver will show a duller grey appearance.

Platinum metal and ornaments appear in shades of silver and white. But there is a different category of platinum called platinum black. Platinum black is the finely divided powdered form of platinum that comes in black colour. This fine powder of platinum shows good catalytic-properties. Both of these categories have the same constitution of pure platinum. Black platinum has its applications in electrochemistry and various other fields.

Harsh chemicals may cause damages like scratches to your platinum ornaments. Such damages can later lead to a change in their colour. So you should take care to remove the ornaments before using chemicals. Also, to avoid scratching, do not store platinum jewels with other ornaments, and always use a soft brush to clean the metal.