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Platinum Jewellery

Platinum Jewellery

Platinum jewellery pieces are classy and exclusive. This metal is highly valuable; it's timeless.

Purity Check

For a precious metal like platinum, purity is imperative. Hallmarking the jewellery indicates its purity and type. This grading influences the price of the metal as well.

The hallmarks for precious metals vary by country-wise. In India, the hallmark symbol of platinum jewellery is 'Pt950'. This classification denotes purity of 95 per cent.

One can identify platinum jewellery by a unique number that also reveals the jewellery maker.

Jewellery-making Charges

The jewellery-making charges equate to the labour cost involved in creating the jewellery piece. These usually come to a specific percentage of the current price of platinum in the market. This is generally higher than the gold price.

Platinum bears a higher melting point, and therefore, platinum jewellery is usually made in factories and not by bare hands. The jewellery manufacturing process is intricate and requires setting up expensive machinery and employing skilled workers. The making charges are therefore proportionately high for platinum jewellery.