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Platinum Kada

Platinum Kada

Platinum is both durable and extravagant in appearance. The metal is both corrosion- and heat- resistant. Therefore, you can wear platinum kada for reasonable daily rough use. It does not lose its sheen for a long time. Platinum thus finds use as an ideal metal for making kadas or broad bangles.

The platinum kada designs are made differently for men and women. Whereas the kada designs for women are delicate and many a time embellished with stones, for the men, the platinum kada designs sport more of plain designs.

Platinum kadas for women also bear intricate engravings. Platinum kadas with solitaire diamonds are also popular.

You can wear the kadas by slipping them onto your wrists. Some kadas have firm clasps at their ends. Whichever the case, exceptional taste and elegance are their hallmarks.