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Peshwai Jewellery

Peshwai Jewellery

Maharashtra is famous for making intricate designs of stunning jewellery pieces. The traditional collection of Maharashtrian bridal jewellery has many fascinating designs that add a gorgeous look to the brides. One among them is the popular Peshwari jewellery.

The ornaments crafted in the era of peshwas are popularly known as the peshwai jewellery. The traditional Peshwai ornaments are mostly made in pure gold. But in the present age, different variations of Peshwai jewellery are available for purchase.

Tanmani & Chinchpeti necklace (Peshwai haar): The Peshwai tanmani necklace is a popular form of traditional Maharashtra temple jewellery. Tanmani and Chinchpeti necklaces are traditional necklaces made of unique designs of pearls and stones. They are popularly known as the 'Peshwai haar,' as they were crafted during the Peshwa era.

Peshwai Nath: The Maharashtrian Peshwai Nath is a stunning nose pin decorated with pearls and coloured gemstones. It is a piece of popular bridal jewellery worn by the brides as a symbol of getting married.

Peshwai Bangles: The traditional Peshwai bangles come in various arrays of designs and styles. The Peshwai Alankar bangles are popular among the Marathi bride.

Peshwai Peacock Waki: Waki is another name for a traditional Bajuband/armlet. The Marathi women who adore traditional jewellery are always fond of wearing the stunning peacock inspired matte golden designer Peshwai Waki, which comes with a figure of goddess Lakshmi and peacocks on either side.

Peshwai Pearl Bajuband: Other than the peacock Waki, another popular category of the Peshwai armlet is the pearl Bajuband. It is a Maharashtrian ethnic ornament made of gold and decorated with pearls and other gemstones.

Peshwai Mangalsutra necklace: The mangalsutra, also known as a thali, is a necklace that the groom ties around the bride's neck on their wedding day. The traditional Maharashtrian Peshwai Mangalsutras is available in various stunning designs and is an integral part of Marathi bridal jewellery.