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Kemp Jewellery

Kemp jewellery refers to the collection of ancient ornaments that have been designed by taking inspiration from the sculptures and deities in the temples of south India. Most of these jewellery items are crafted in the form of various figures of gods and goddesses.

'Kemp', in some Indian languages, means red. So, the temple jewellery decorated with kemp stones often appeared with red coloured polished stones. The kemp jewellery ornaments are also studded with gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, pearls, diamonds and imitation stones of various colours.

Most of these jewellery designs included figures of goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, peacock, swan, mango, flowers and serpents. Metals used for these ornaments are gold, silver, and alloys of both. They are crafted into various modern designs and styles. The temple jewellery available are the imitations of the authentic traditional kemp ornaments.

Addigai choker, another splendid kemp neckwear, uses uncut stones as decoratives. The Vadasery jewellery motifs with figures of peacocks, swan, flowers etc., are used as pendants for most of the kemp necklaces. Other popular kemp necklaces include the magudam necklace, vembu - traditional three moon neckwear and the kemp manga malai.

Traditional kemp earrings are available in various styles, such as the bridal jhumkas, gold plated & rhodium-plated temple earrings, maati ear chains and antique style peacock earrings. The multi-stone matte earrings made of gold, red & green kemp stone ear studs and vintage ruby pendant earrings are other astonishing models of kemp earrings.

Kemp hair jewellery comprises decorative hair bands and hairpins. The Rakodi hairpins made with kemp stones was a significant ornament used by the temple dancers. Other temple hair jewellery includes ornaments such as the Surya & Chandra Pirai and the Nethi Chutti.

Kemp jewellery's classic designs also include various charming traditional ornaments such as the mookuthi nose studs, pearl necklaces, baju bandh armlets, vaddanam waist belts and payal anklets.