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Best ways to take care of Gold and Diamonds

Best ways to take care of Gold and Diamonds

There is no doubt that gold and diamond jewels are timeless ornaments that will never go out of fashion. Since you spend a significant amount on buying gold and silver ornaments, taking proper care of these precious jewels should be a top priority.

Even though diamond is the hardest substance, the ornaments made of diamond are not indestructible and require proper care and maintenance. In the case of gold, the metal is soft and prone to scratching. Alloying gold with other metals makes it stronger & increases its longevity. However, still, it requires the right amount of care and attention.

When we use gold and diamond jewellery regularly, they are sensitive to dust, dirt, skin oil, air, chemicals, abrasions, scratches etc. So it is important to clean the ornaments periodically to protect them and keep their shine & lustre. Here are a few tips that will help you to take proper care and maintenance of these ornaments:

Gold jewellery wearing and maintenance tips:

  • While wearing gold ornaments, always keep them away from harmful chemicals like chlorine and other bleaching agents. Exposure to such chemicals will weaken your ornaments.

  • It is better to store the ornaments in boxes with ornament slots than to keep them along with other objects in your drawer.

  • Makeup items, body lotions, perfumes etc., can damage your ornament. So keep such things away from the ornaments.

  • Keep the ornaments away from excess heat and light.

  • Take off your jewels while bathing to prevent the accumulation of film caused by soaps and other washes.

Gold jewellery cleaning tips:

  • Before cleaning, soak the jewellery in warm water for a few minutes. You may add dawn dish detergent or a few drops of ammonia while soaking them.

  • Take the ornaments out and rinse them using clean water.

  • You may scrub them using a very soft brush to clean the impurities.

  • Use a very gentle piece of cloth to make them dry or let them dry in the air.

  • After cleaning, look out for any damage, abrasions or loose stones.

Diamond jewellery wearing and maintenance tips:

Proper maintenance and care have to be given to your diamond ornaments to protect them from damages, avoid repairs, maintain their value and keep their lustre.

  • Do not store your diamond next to other jewellery pieces. You can individually wrap them in soft tissue paper or use jewellery pouches.

  • Inspect your diamond jewellery regularly to ensure that its prongs are not loose and the setting is secure.

  • Do not wear it when you are doing rough work.

  • Sharp blows, sunlight and extreme temperatures can damage your diamond jewellery.

Diamond jewellery cleaning tips:

  • Clean the diamond often by rubbing it with a soft cloth.

  • You can soak the diamond in a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid or an ammonia-based cleaner. Then rinse it with water.

  • Diamond jewellery might have fragile settings, so it is better to avoid using brushes for cleaning. Clean the diamond with a soft cloth and let it dry.

  • After cleaning, inspect the ornament for scratches and incorrect settings.