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Name Pendant

Name Pendant

A pendant is a small piece of jewellery that hangs freely from ornaments like necklaces and bracelets. This adorable jewellery comes in various designs, colours and shapes. One of the most popular designs is the name pendant, also known as the alphabet pendant.

Name pendants are customized designs that showcase the name of a person. These pendants, cut in the shape of a person's name. These pendants are usually attached with lockets to various stylish necklaces.

Jewellery designed in the shape of names created many decades ago, and still, it remains in fashion. Making name jewellery is much easier now, compared to the olden days.

Fabricating a name pendant requires various steps. Firstly, designers are involved in drawing a model of the name, either using a pencil and paper or with the help of designing software. The design process involves various steps like choosing the font, determining the size & thickness, fixing the colour etc. Then a prototype is usually made that looks similar to the design. Finally, based on this design, the artisans engrave the name on metal by utilizing advanced laser cutting, drilling and 3D printing.

The most common metals used for making name pendants include gold, silver, platinum, sterling silver, brass, stainless steel and gold plated materials. Name pendants featuring diamonds, birthstones and other coloured gemstones are also becoming popular. Other famous name pendants include crystal name pendants, wooden name pendants and customized DIY models.

Shiny and attractive custom made gold name pendants are in various karats of gold. Such designs include the mangalsutra name pendants and the pendants with names engraved on a circular or heart-shaped golden locket. Pendants that hold multiple names instead of a single name are also becoming common among the wearers.

To make name jewellery available in various languages, artisans worldwide offer name jewellery in different written languages and alphabets. The metal and materials for making them are chosen according to the buyer's preference.