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Maharashtra Bridal Jewellery

Maharashtra Bridal Jewellery

Gold jewellery has always been an important aspect of Marathi women’s attire. For every bride in the state, Maharashtrian bridal jewellery is of utmost importance. Their bridal jewellery is popular for its artistic work, unique patterns and intricate designs.

Bridal jewellery of Maharashtra is not only popular among their people but also worldwide. Here is a small guide on traditional and popular Maharashtrian bridal jewellery that a Maharashtrian bride loves to wear on the wedding day:

Nath: The Marathi Nath is a nose pin worn by women on special occasions like weddings. Even though the ornament is usually studded with pearls & stones, many variations of Nath are available.

Ambada: A traditional hairpin that the Marathi women wear at their wedding. It is usually made of sunflower motifs and is placed on the hair bun of the bride.

Thushi: Thushi (Kolhapuri thushi) is a choker style necklace made with gold. It comes with an intricate design of pure gold beads attached to the necklace. It also has an adjustable Dori that you can adjust according to your neck.

Mohan Mala: This neckpiece appears to be in the form of a long necklace with gold beads. It is a string style necklace having many layers of golden bead strings.

Kolhapuri Saaj: The Kolhapuri Saaj is a necklace with 21 leaf-shaped pendants. Ten pendants depict the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, and eight pendants represent Ashtamangala ( eight auspicious signs for good happenings). Two of the pendants have ruby and emerald.

Kaan: Kaan is a traditional ear cuff that Marathi women love to wear at their marriage. Kaan is usually made with gold & studded with gemstones.

Mundavlya: On the wedding day, both the Marathi bride and groom love to wear the Mundavlya on their forehead. It contains pearls or golden beads attached to various strings. Two strands of strings are tied horizontally to the forehead, and two strands hang to the chin from either side.

Chooda: Chooda is a type of glass bangle worn by Marathi women on both hands. It usually appears in green colour. Chooda is mixed with actual gold bangles while wearing them.

Bugadi: It is an earring worn by the bride on the helix part of the ear. Bugadi is available in various designs, such as the pearl Bugadi and fancy diamond Bugadi.

Belpan: Belpan is a traditional form of bridal jewellery. It is a choker necklace consisting of motifs with the shape of ‘bel’ leaves.

Rani Haar: Rani Haar has various strands of pearl strings and a pendant at its centre. The pendant is large and studded with gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and even diamonds.

Lakshmi Haar: The Lakshmi haar, also known as putli haar, is a temple necklace made with gold coins. The gold coins have carvings of goddess Lakshmi on them.

Vaaki: The brides wear the Maharashtrian bridal armband known as Vaaki, either on both arms or only on a single arm. It is crafted with stunning stones, mini gold chains and motifs.

Tode: These stunning bangles are made from pure 23 karat gold. They are handcrafted with utmost precision and without using any soldering equipment.

Jodvi: Jodvi is a single toe ring or a set of silver toe rings. These ornaments are made of silver metal.

Other popular Maharashtrian bridal jewellery sets are the Moti haar, Patlya, mangalsutra, Tanmanie, Painjan and dholki .