Weddings are a deep-rooted element of our society, and Indian brides are known as symbols of beauty, pride and elegance. India is a vast country with different customs and traditions practiced even within the same state. Yet, there is something that unites us all - the "Muhurat" or the auspicious time for celebration. At Kalyan Jewellers, we embrace the importance of every "Muhurat". Our wedding collections are for every bride, from every part of India.

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Indian Weddings

Jewellery plays an essential role in Indian weddings, enhancing the charms of the bride in every way. India embraces different customs that have withstood the sands of time.

The stark contrast between the bridal jewellery of North and South India is exactly what makes India such a diverse country. Our craftsmen have taken inspiration from India’s marvellous culture to create flawless collections for every bride. Explore our pieces and immerse yourself in the magical world of Indian wedding jewellery.


Kerala weddings are short and sweet, with a small number of meaningful rituals. The wedding jewellery includes layers of heavy gold ornaments that brighten the beauty of the bride.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil weddings are renowned for their simplicity. These highly spiritual weddings place a high emphasis on rituals. Tamil wedding jewellery is classified by gorgeous gold designs, sometimes embellished with red gems, white gems or diamonds.

Andhra Pradesh / Telangana

Unlike most South Indian weddings, the auspicious time for Telegu weddings is close to midnight. Temple architecture heavily influences the wedding jewellery, including gorgeous embellishments that stand out.


Adhering to age-old traditions, Kannada weddings are nearly the same in most regions of Karnataka. Kannada wedding jewellery takes inspiration from ancient customs, with beautiful yellow gold temple designs adorned with precious gems.


Regal as her ancestry, the Rajasthani bride is adorned in traditional attire and jewellery, right from uncut diamond balis and chokers to beautiful bangles. Rajasthan weddings uphold the age-old traditions of the land, complete with folklore and honor.


Well known for grandeur, larger than life and merry celebrations, Punjabi weddings also include several heartfelt rituals, pre and post the wedding. The bride is the very definition of glee as she wears beautiful traditional Chooda and Kalira, a symbol of good luck for the newlyweds, along with other lovely jewellery.


Seeped in age-old cultures, Gujarati weddings are festive, celebratory and enhanced by amazing cuisine. Traditionally, brides wear a beautiful gold Chandan Haar, to complement their bridal attire.


Oriya weddings place heavy emphasis on holy rituals, especially the ceremonious seven rounds around the sacred fire that unites two souls eternally. The jewellery is simple, yet tasteful including elegant tiaras, balis, kadas and necklaces in gold.


Perhaps one of the most simple weddings of India, Marathi weddings are inspired by Maharashtrian culture, customs and core values. The bridal jewellery is defined by unique head and neck pieces along with gorgeous pearl and gold nose rings.


Bright, colorful and full of joy, Bengali weddings can last for several days. The bride is often adorned with beautiful traditional gold jewellery in splashes of red, including traditional tiaras, chokers, bangles and maang tikkas.