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Lakshmi Pendant

Lakshmi Pendant

Lakshmi pendant is a divine and auspicious ornament that has been part of our history since the king's rule. It is an important piece of temple jewellery that originated in our country decades ago. Temple jewellery plays a vital role in the cultural heritage of South Indian states. Most of these ornaments include ornaments with depictions of gods and goddesses from the temples of south India.

Lakshmi pendant is inspired by the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Their beliefs make this ornament an essential piece of jewellery and make it a perfect fit for special occasions.

The traditional Mahalakshmi pendants are usually associated with long chains or fashionable temple necklaces. These stunning lockets are mostly made from gold or silver and are available in various styles and forms.

The most popular one is the pure gold pendant with the embossed figure of goddess Lakshmi. Instead of depicting the goddess in full size, pendants are also crafted with carvings of her divine feet (Lakshmi charan pendant). The pendant is also sold in designs that have figures of peacocks on either side of goddess Lakshmi.

Lakshmi gold pendant: Gold pendants are made from pure gold, gold alloys or gold plated materials.

Lakshmi silver pendant: Stunning and antique designs of lightweight goddess Lakshmi pendants made from pure silver, sterling silver and silver alloys are popular pieces of traditional silver jewellery, known for their beauty. These ornaments are a perfect fit for daily wear, office wear and special occasions.

Lakshmi diamond pendant: The Lakshmi pendants set in diamond and gold is a perfect harmony of beauty and tradition. These pendants are made with gold and studded with diamonds.

Lakshmi mangalsutra pendant: Mangalsutra pendants are timeless auspicious bridal jewellery. Unique and stunning designs of mangalsutra lockets crafted in gold and silver variants will enhance the beauty of the wearer.

Lakshmi Kundan pendant: Charming and adorable Kundan pendants with images of goddess Lakshmi studded with gemstones are becoming popular among jewellery lovers.

Lakshmi rudraksha pendant: The Lakshmi rudraksha pendant that signifies wealth is a combination of the Lakshmi pendant and the rudraksha bead.