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Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets

A bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is worn around our wrists. Normally they are worn on one of the hands, i.e the right or left hand, while some people like to wear them on both hands. This ornament is normally associated with fashion. Bracelets emphasize their overall look.

There are different designs available in the case of bracelets, each having their own unique characteristics. These designs denote various symbolisms depending on the kind used by an individual. Out of the different variations, the ‘ tennis bracelet’ is a category which has drawn a lot of attention. These bracelets are also known as diamond line bracelets.

How did the tennis bracelet get its name?

Chris Evert, who was a professional tennis player from the US has a major contribution to it. On a matchday, she was wearing a diamond line bracelet. During the game, the bracelet broke and flew off her hand. So she asked the officials to stop the match until it was recovered. Ever since that event, these bracelets have been called tennis bracelets. Many popular tennis players started wearing them. These bracelets are also becoming popular among celebrities.

The design of this bracelet is perfect for athletes and people with busy lifestyles. The bracelet is made up of either diamond or any other gemstone. The jewels which are fixed on the bracelet will be handcrafted in a single row. Multiple row bracelets are also available.

The bracelet clasp comes in three types; spring-ring clasp, lobster clasp and bezel clasp. The spring ring clasp consists of a metal ring with a spring mechanism. The clasp opens when you push a small lever. The lobster clasp is almost similar to the spring ring. Here a small spring allows a part of the ring to be pushed back. The barrel allows two metal pieces to screw together, which will look like a barrel (after they are joined).

The overall look of this bracelet changes based on the position of the stones. The main metals used for fabricating these bracelets are platinum, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.