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Shiva Pendant

Shiva Pendant

Shiva pendants are available in every size. Gold is primarily preferred to create these lockets.

Rudraksha: Rudraksha is the most common kind of Shiva pendant.

Shiva Linga: Devotees also express their love towards Lord Shiva by adorning the shiva linga. There are many designs of this shiva pendant. They are made in 22K gold and adorned with tiny gems. Sometimes the shiva linga is depicted in combination with the 'trishool'. Mostly it is made in yellow gold, but occasionally white gold and gemstones too can be found in this kind of Shiva pendant.

Trishul or Trident: The Trishul is Lord Shiva's weapon. It represents the three basic naadis and how he has acquired power over them. Shiva pendant in the form of Trishul is widespread and prevalent among his devotees. Mostly this kind of locket is seen in combination with the damroo or the 'two-sided drum'. Yellow gold is again the preferred metal here. However, white gold is also used to enhance some features of the 'shiva pendant'.

OM: 'OM' is the ultimate mantra chanted universally in numerous religions. It is believed to evoke one's consciousness and show the path of righteousness. It can be found in yellow gold with diamonds. The prices vary according to the size and weight of the pendant. Sometimes it can be found with a Trishul on the side.

The idol: The portrait of Lord Shiva is also donned in the form of shiva pendant. It depicts the entire image of Lord in a meditating position with 'damroo', 'trishul' and the 'rudraksh'. Some designs are of the Lord standing with the naga around his neck. It is created in both gold and silver. The costly versions also use diamonds to elevate its beauty.

Third eye: The third eye of Lord Shiva is highly feared and respected. It is believed that if anyone angers the Lord to extreme limits, he may open his third eye and burn the person down to ashes. The 'third eye' shiva pendant is not a common sight. Still, we can find some people wearing it. The design depicts the entire forehead of the Lord in holy ash and the 'third eye' at the centre. It is a scanty design that uses yellow gold and diamonds.