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Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond

The pink diamond is a form of diamond that appears in pink colour. It is a rare and expensive category of diamonds. Pink diamonds belong to the category of ‘fancy coloured diamonds’, which is a subcategory of diamonds. It is a generic name given to the diamonds that exhibit any colour. Fancy coloured diamonds appear in various colours. We can assess the colours based on their hues and tones. The artisans use pink diamonds in making jewellery items like rings, earrings, necklaces etc.

We can further classify pink diamonds into various types based on their shape, size and hues of colour. For example, while assessing colours, some of them may display bright pink, while others showcase a pale pink shade. This shows us that the colour intensity level can appear differently among the diamonds. The common forms of such intensity levels are faint pink, very light pink, light pink, orangy pink, fancy pink, fancy intense pink and fancy vivid pink. Along with factors like the colour combination, clarity, cut, etc., the colour intensity level can also determine the price of diamonds. The higher the intensity level, the higher the rate.

The price range of pink diamonds is significantly higher than that of brown or yellow diamonds. The main reason is that they are rare and in high demand. Certified and real (natural) fancy vivid pink diamonds are the most expensive category of pink diamonds. The origin of the diamond also determines its price. Although the price depends on such factors, in general, pink diamonds are more expensive than white diamonds. Argyle pink diamonds, a popular brand of pink diamonds is one of the most expensive brands of pink diamonds in the world.

Like white diamonds, pink diamonds also contain carbon. Extreme heat and pressure turn carbon into diamond form. We can also convert white diamonds into pink colour through an artificial process like high-pressure-high-temperature (HPHT). This process is permanent, and it creates fancy stones. Each diamond has its unique features which help in determining the rates. Such features include origin, cut, clarity, shape, size, carat, colour etc.

You will be able to find pink diamonds with various shapes like round, heart, marquise, oval, etc. Aside from pink, we can also see these diamonds as a combination of pink and secondary colours like purple, brown, grey, orange, brownish-purple etc.