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Pearl Mala

Pearl Mala

Pearl mala is a common term that we use for denoting pearl necklaces. Jewellery makers use pearls of various shapes, colours and sizes to make pearl necklaces. Such necklaces are a perfect suit for family reunions and special functions. As pearl necklaces are not as strong as diamonds, you should keep them away from acidic, basic and cosmetic substances.

They come in different lengths and sizes. Based on the length, we can classify them into various categories, namely the pearl choker, the princess pearl mala, the matinee pearl mala, the opera pearl mala and the pearl rope length mala.

The choker comes in a length of 14 inches to 1 inches. The princess necklace is about 17 inches to 20 inches in length. This is the standard length of the pearl mala. It complements other low hanging necklaces. The length of the matinee is around 20-26 inches. The opera necklace is 27-37 inches in length. When we wear it in double-strands, it will look like a two-stranded choker. The length of rope mala reaches 38 inches and more. We can roll them into double and triple strands to create multi-stranded chokers.

The most common forms of pearl necklaces or pearl malas are white pearl mala, silver pearl mala, golden pearl mala, Hyderabad pearl mala, rudraksha-pearl mala, gemstone-pearl mala, faux pearl and rhinestone mala, Czech pearl drop mala etc.