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Bracelet Mangalsutra

Bracelet Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is a type of neckpiece worn by women, especially Hindu women. Bracelet mangalsutra is the combination of traditional values of the Mangalsutra and the minimalistic way of modern fashion.

The main feature of the bracelet mangalsutra is that it can be worn with modern outfits, unlike the traditional mangalsutra necklace. Women can wear this simple, lightweight ornament as daily wear without compromising their fashion sense. Materials like gold, rose gold, silver, platinum etc. are used for making this bracelet.

Different Types of Mangalsutra Bracelet Designs
Here we are going to see some of the best mangalsutra designs for the bride to wear with pride.

Simple Mangalsutra Bracelet with Diamond Stud
This elegant, classy style is best suitable as daily wear. The best choice can be a single diamond-studded bracelet with black beads forming the chain part. You can also go for mangalsutras with multiple diamond studs arranged in different patterns.

Pendant Style Mangalsutra Bracelet
This is a twist to the traditional mangalsutra neckpiece. The pendant style looks like a miniature version of it, thus making it a comfortable piece of jewellery.

Gold and Black Bead Traditional Style Mangalsutra Bracelet
Gold and black beads can be a stunning combination for a bracelet mangalsutra. The black and golden colours will complement each other, giving it a classy look. Choose multilayered bracelets. These can be matched with traditional wear like sarees and modern wear at the same time.

Mangalsutra Bracelet with Dangling Charms
Inspired by the popular charm bracelets, this is a simple chain with mangalsutras in the form of dangling charms attached to it.