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Artificial Bracelets

Artificial Bracelets

A bracelet is a jewellery item that never runs out of fashion, you can find a wide range of designs of the same. This model bracelet imitates the overall shine and cuteness of the precious bracelets. Usually, metals like gold, silver, and platinum, etc., are used for the creation of precious metals, while brass, copper, glass, fibre, plastic, etc., are the base materials required for the artificial bracelet creation.

Let’s find out more about the different styles of artificial bracelet

Cuff bracelets
Cuff bracelets look like an open bangle. The wide opening at both ends will allow you to slide them over your wrists. Some of these bracelets are adjustable; you can adjust their sizes according to your choice.

Beaded Bracelets
These are created using beads or semi-precious gemstones. They will be held together by a thread or a chain. The beads are made up of semi-precious stones.

Magnetic Bracelets
Magnetic Bracelets consist of tiny magnetic links, which are connected using magnetic power. The links can be of a round or any other shape. Their ends can be easily attached and detached together.

Chain Bracelets
Low-cost artificial chain bracelets are used to imitate precious chain bracelets created using silver or gold. These artificial chain bracelets look precisely like the precious bracelets and are available in varied thicknesses and styles.

Plastic/Rubber Bracelets
As the name suggests, these bracelets are created using a thin layer of plastic or rubber band. The simple design will make you look stylish and charming. These rubber bracelets are stretchable, so you can adjust their sizes according to your convenience.

Gold Plated Bracelets
These are ornaments, which look exactly like gold. But sometimes, these golden coverings might not last long. The gold plating may last approximately two to three years.