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Loom Bracelets

Loom Bracelets

A bracelet is a piece of jewellery which practically serves different purposes.

A loom bracelet is a typical bracelet, made from looms, especially the ‘rainbow looms’. A rainbow loom is a tool used to weave colourful bands into decorative items such as bracelets. Usually, rubber or plastic bands are used in looms to make these bracelets. The coloured bands can be looped and pulled with the help of the loom, and these resulting looped knots can be assembled into a bracelet.

The most commonly used designs of loom bracelets are:

Single Loom Bracelets:
It is easy to create this design. These are made using rubber bands. The bands are arranged in a zig-zag way on the loom, and later, they are pulled out to form a single loom band.

Fishtail Bands:
The number of bands required for this model will be around 40 units. The design is similar to the tail of a fish, and hence, it is called a fishtail band.

Triple Single Model:
This model will be a striking design for the first time users. Almost 50 bands are required to make this model. In this design, three single loom bracelets will be arranged in rows and fastened together using rubber bands. Likewise, you can also make a single, double model similarly.

Ladder Bracelet
It is also a multi-row bracelet like the double-single and triple-single model. Here, the arrangement of bands will be in a different way.

The rainbow loom was first created by Cheong Choon Ng (in the year 2010), who used to work as an engineer at Nissan Motors. In step with the increased popularity of this model bracelet in his neighbourhood, he began to create this model for commercial purposes.