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Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstones have fascinated humanity right from time immemorial. These beautiful mineral crystals have intricately woven around the people's needs to assert its existence in all pieces of jewellery, and rightly, bracelets have been no exception. A gemstone bracelet is an ornate piece of adornment that contemporary every one cherishes to wear. An ornament for the wrist area, often used in place of bangles or worn alongside, gemstone bracelets never went out of style.

The first instance in the history of wearing a bracelet with stones dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who by 5000 BC, had started using semi-precious stones in their metal bracelets. As time progressed, the trend spread to different regions, with added twists. As a result, we have gemstone bracelets coming in all artistic designs and make. These are available as cuffs, bangle shaped with a clasp, stacked or twisted, and simple chained model or with danglers etc. The gemstones in the bracelets can be single or multi-coloured, cut to any shape- round, oval, square or pear-shaped, put in a cast or strung as per the design's aesthetics. These are set in metals like gold, silver or platinum, and sometimes, fused with diamonds or other combination stones.

The gemstone bracelets are a great piece of statement jewellery. It can be worn on the wrist as a standalone piece or even paired with simple metallic bangles. Either case scenario, the beauty of the wearer’s hand is bound to portray class and elegance. While a single gemstone bracelet is a fad, especially amongst working women, a more sophisticated gemstone bracelet can be an excellent choice for a traditional do. The attractiveness of wearing a gemstone bracelet is owing to its shine and radiance. The sparkle of gemstones like sapphire, ruby, aquamarine etc., when in the bracelet, only enhances its shimmer. Additionally, as gemstones are also used as birthstones, the charm towards wearing gemstone bracelets may never cease to exist.

Know the authenticity of the gems in the bracelet before purchase. While purchasing ,always follow the 4Cs rule- Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.