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Designer Bracelets

Designer Bracelets

Bracelet is one of the oldest pieces of jewellery on the planet.

Designer bracelets have alluring shape and shade, as the manufacturers always consider the customers' proclivity while creating the designs. These bracelets are generally made to order and come in exquisite designs and materials. Here, we list some of the best designer bracelets in the market that you can get without any hesitation.

Cartier Love Bracelet.
It's a bracelet that symbolizes love. It sports screw motifs in an oval shape and represents invincible eternal love. It is available in sizes from 15cm to 21 cm (wrist measurement). It comes studded with diamonds in yellow or rose gold. Could we ask for more?

The Celine Knot
The Celine Knot is an open double-thread brass bracelet coated in gold. It is available in three sizes, C1, C23, and C3. Gentle use without bending the bracelet prevents oxidation.

David Yurman Cable Cuff
This is a classic bracelet embellished with gems and gold. This bracelet will go well with all types of clothes.

Dior Danseuse
The bracelet comes from the House of Dior and is a classic piece that reflects its maker's quality. It is made with oversized chain links giving it an everlasting appearance. One of the links forms the letters ‘CD’ to reflect its maker, Christian Dior.

Clic H Hermes Bracelet
It is a narrow bracelet in enamel, plated with rose gold. It comes with a circumference of 7.5 inches and a width of 0.47 inches.

Louis Vuitton Essential V
This is an adjustable bracelet that you can wear to fit your wrist. Strung together with the characteristic graphic motif V, the bracelet comes in a palladium finish style, which imparts a modern look The chain and clasp are embellished with the signature LV circle.

Tiffany’s T Square Bracelet
Made of 18k gold, it comes in medium size and displays sophistication with its simple and clean lines.