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Couple Bracelets

Couple Bracelets

You can find several things aimed at serving couples out there in the market; these include mugs, coasters, cards, and, of course, an array of jewellery. Couple bracelets are also available item that finds a place in this collection.

These are usually designed for one of the couples to give to the other or even as gifts that someone can present to couples they know.

Couple bracelets come in various designs: they vary in colours and designs, and have different engravings or sometimes, are exact matches. Whereas some of the couple bracelets are made of metals such as gold and silver, others are informal and made with strung beads or woven together with coloured strings or cord. The colours used are such that they match specific colours on the partner’s bracelets or complement one another.

Some couple bracelets come with personalized engravings bearing the names, zodiac signs, or favourite designs. Some silver couple bracelets are engraved with designs in coloured enamel coatings.

Many couple bracelets feature the double intertwined knot design. Some have interlocked hearts. Other couple bracelets are created using leather.

The price ranges of these king and queen couple bracelets vary widely and depend on the material they are made.

Other common couple bracelets are long-distance relationship (LDR) bracelets that celebrate relationships when the partners are far apart, boyfriend and girlfriend bracelets, etc. In all of these cases, the couple wears the bracelets to feel connected even while living apart.

Some couple bracelets use the birthstones of the other partner. Many bracelets are made using semiprecious stones such as garnet, turquoise, amethyst, etc. Some other bracelets are created using calming substances like amazonite in the couple bracelets, and these are for stressed-out individuals. Garnets are the best for couples who have devout passion.