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Bracelets Western

Bracelets Western

Bracelets are ornaments, which have become more popular among the youth. People like to wear them on almost all occasions. As these are available in different varieties, colours, and shapes, you will be able to choose the style which suits your requirement. We can find a broad collection of bracelets.

As far as the styles of the bracelets are concerned, most of the customers opt for western designs, and they buy the item more frequently. You can find numerous handmade and vintage western bracelets, which will go well with all styles of modern dresses. We are familiar with the commonly used western bracelet models like beaded bracelets, tennis bracelets, Gold and silver-plated bracelets, gemstone models, etc. Apart from these, there are other unique designs, which will be best suited for the people who are fond of wearing western bracelet designs.

Let us explore the most popular styles of these bracelets:

The Western Cuff Bracelet Designs
Cuff bracelets, built in the western style are appropriate designs, which will catch the eyes of the people. These are available in different varieties. The collection includes wide beaded cuffs, leather cuffs, cuffs with diamonds and pearls, engraved sterling silver cuffs, copper & brass cuffs, turquoise designs, simple steel cuffs, polished wooden cuffs, brass cuffs with stunning designs printed on them, vintage handcrafted cuffs, gemstone fixed cuffs, leafy hinged cuffs, etc.

The Rodeo Model
These classy handmade bracelets, specially designed for ladies, will provide a cowgirl effect. This bracelet includes various assorted silver antique designs and cowboy symbols fixed on a silver chain, which is extendable.

Charm Bracelets
These bracelets are similar to rodeo bracelets. The wearer can easily customize them. Various popular known shapes are attached to these ornaments. The shapes can be of animals, birds, popular symbols, stars, etc. These attachments are known as ‘charms’ and hence the name, charm bracelet. The charms are made up of materials like glass, metal, wood, etc. The arrangement of these charms will be in such a way that they will swing loosely against the wearer’s hand.

Unique Vintage and Antique Designs
The popular antique models like the French Gold woven designs, Victorian Faith Hope, & Charity Bracelets are specially made for bracelets lovers across the world. You can see a whole collection of drawings, which includes the ancient, contemporary, as well as the transient styles.