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Bracelets India

Bracelets India

Bracelets are becoming increasingly popular. Modern bracelets are made up of different types of materials. They are manufactured from metals like gold, silver, platinum etc and other low-cost materials such as cloth, thread, rubber, plastic etc.

In India, bracelets are important jewellery items. These ornaments have always been a part of the Indian culture. They are still as significant as they were decades ago. Every region has its own separate set of bracelets. They are now becoming more common at Indian wedding functions, birthday parties, office programs, traditional and religious ceremonies etc.

Some of the popular traditional bracelets of India are as follows:

Kada bracelets
Kada bracelets are more popular in northern India, especially among the Sikhs. They are made up of highly polished stainless steel.

The ancient model of bracelets covered in floral designs and uncut diamonds is also known by the same name; Kada.

Rudraksha bracelets
Rudraksha bracelets are ethnic wear ornaments that will compliment your traditional outfits. They are made up of rudraksha beads and are valued as bracelets of high divine power.

Pahunchi bracelets
Pahunchi is a traditional wear bracelet that is a part of Rajputi jewellery. The bracelet will be decorated with gold-covered beads on the exterior. The beads will be in the shape of a conch shell.

The most commonly used modern bracelets in India are defined below:

Diamond Bracelets
Most diamond bracelets are fully studded with diamonds, no other stones will be attached in between. They are made up of smaller diamonds or bigger diamonds, or a combination of both.

Pearl Bracelets
Pearl bracelets will provide you with an elegant and graceful look. Feel free to wear them to wedding functions, parties etc. They are available in different colors, varieties and sizes.

Chain Bracelets
Chain bracelets are usually made up of costly metals like gold and silver. They are available in single, double and multiple strands. These bracelets are suitable for all occasions