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Vydhuryam is another name for the Cat’s Eye gemstone. It is also known as ‘lehsuniya’ in Hindi. It has a brilliant white sheen and as the name suggests, the shape of this stone resembles the eye of a cat. According to Vedic astrology, the planet Ketu is the governing planet for this gemstone. Cat’s Eye is a stone that has always fascinated people due to its unique metaphysical powers. This gemstone has been known to return lost wealth to the wearer and is therefore a boon for businesspeople. Risk takers and adventure lovers may choose this stone because it is said to bring luck and fortune. Cat’s Eye is also one of the most effective stones worn to ward off ‘evil eye’ caused by jealousy. The primary healing properties of this stone is that it removes the tendencies for depression and gloom from a person. The stone has a long list of positive effects and is said to improve vision and memory. It may also alleviate severe diseases related to the heart, stomach, and brain, and can soothe the mind. As Cat’s Eye stone is ruled by Ketu, wearing it for a long time is said to enable physical awakening due to the mystical powers of planet Ketu. It is also noted that anorexia and even life-threatening diseases like cancer can be cured through the healing effects of this unique gemstone. Ketu is known to be a fast-acting planet, which means this stone delivers quick results when worn correctly, compared to other gemstones. But there is also the danger in the case of wearing a duplicate one, as it may bring adverse consequences upon the wearer. Vydhuryam is distinct from the other gemstones owing to its white color, and it is comparatively less expensive and more affordable.